Here’s another reason why I blog. And here’s my format …

There are  photos that  for those who are not resident Floridians will miss. 

Well I’m not the best photographer, there are still things that you miss because you don’t live here. And they’re still insights that you will not see or hear or smell or taste because you don’t live here. 

And because you don’t live here you will miss the humor. Well I’m not that good of a comedian, you just will miss some moments and won’t get it. 

In my case, I have chosen Iphone photography and short paragraphs to show what’s going on. It’s not much but it’s all I have right now until my other camera gets fixed. I’m working on it folks. 

I know I want to keep it short and talk on my iPhone and that’s how I blog. 

About four years ago, my husband and I did a lot of road trips around the state here. We covered a lot of sites. I covered a lot of road. And I was inexperienced about blogging and all that. It wasn’t the newspapers that are used to write.  I just did it without thinking hoping the pictures would cover up for what I did do.  I wanted to enjoy my trip. 

Oh, that was fun. Does anyone remember about 20 years ago CBS News this morning on Sunday ? I used to love how this guy named Charles it would sit the microphone out on the beach and everybody was there because he would set the microphone on the beach.  I like that format so much that this is kind of what I’m doing with this whole thing called my blog.  

But I also am showing what happens with my daily life in and what I hope is a tactful way. I don’t share everything . I share just a portion of some things you would get insight from on a daily basis. 

And if I’m worried about social media intruding into my life,  what I’m sharing is basically harmless. I’m not a hermit. I live on the same earth you do and it might be fun. 

Also this whole thing about me being scared of sharing it with everyone on LinkedIn is old. That is why am doing it now because you might be entertained. This also shows that hopefully I can do this. I also want to point out something extremely important: I’m very limited by my gear. I say it again I am very limited by the gear that I have and don’t have. 

But well this is true I just hope that you simply enjoy my living where I do.  It is a nice little trip to the West Coast of Florida where you visit me and get to know me in a positive way. I’m going to go try to go beyond the excuses of what I don’t have  and work with what I do have here.  

 I can hear you asking the question. 

I will give you the answer. I work with a little  iPhone 4S. Yes , that is what I blog with here. Oh yeah, the screen has a crack –many of them. I have a sense of humor in that in a few months when is there is a sale I get a new one. I’m going to wait until the Fall and get an iPhone 8.  I am also looking at getting a regular camera where I can really take pictures and get an iPad. Maybe I’ll just get an iPad. I speak into the phone in the morning. 

Coffee with me this morning?  


Welcome to all Linked in people to my blog. My brief thoughts on this. 

  • Welcome to all my new followers friends on LinkedIn. H

It seems that I finally decided to do it. I let the work people on LinkedIn know about this blog. I had to do it folks. It seems that Sooner or later they would find find out I had a blog. 

I mean what’s the big deal? It’s not like I have anything to really hide  here. 

Yeah, I’ve gone mainstream. I followed that the working souls who work and I associate with know that this is here. 

I don’t have the heart to tell em about my other  cough cough publication where I exercise my free speech rights. And most of what I do right that they work scratch their heads on . I really don’t give any answers I just have us questions on the other side that I’m not going to ever name here and you have to be a member to see. 

My Facebook friends are all classmates that I went to college and high school with and a few after college and high school.  


No, I am like most humans in this country and do not like 45.  Let’s get that straight up front. I am ignoring what goes on until I have to pay attention. Enough said don’t you dare ask me because I’ll refer back to going to work and doing the work and what is the work? That’s what I’ll say! Check 45’s approval ratings. Never mind anything else. 

Moving  on. I still would like to thank everyone for checking me out  here. 

And what is the real purpose of this?  Maybe it’s to show every day Florida as I see it. My format is more pictures than it used to be in occasionally I’ll have thoughts and I try not to go on and on like I used to. 

There’s some church here , sometimes it’s not too heavy like some other blogs that I’ve had that I shut down. Yes, I have shut them down you cannot for any reason see them. What were they? Are used to argue argue with crazy Catholic mommy bloggers with fundamentalist views. I’m not liberal or conservative I’m just common sense.  These Catholic mommy bloggers used to have a magazine and I complained to church authorities and they shut them down for being to fundamentalists and weird and cult like . And, are used to go on about three elections seasons. 

I’m a big girl now I’ve moved on to realize that these people have their brain in the circuit boards of their computers. They are not going to change or come out of it all so why bother?!

So afterwords, after many many years, and since I have been blogging since 2004, I just cited to just put my world and pictures and brief thoughts about what’s going on in my house and my local neighborhood and that’s about it. I could go on but most of this is just about Florida and the beauty of daily life and health routine continue blessing and how we adore and maybe you get an idea of what life is like. Maybe you get an idea of what life is like here in Florida between vacationers and tourists . 

It’s not much folks, but it’s mainstream now and since linked in sees this and  about it, I guess I’m official.  

Welcome to all!!!

Monday report/Florida Daily Life: I work too hard where ppl vacation. I need more Report/thoughts on our day trip.

A view up from inside the spring to the surface with swimmers above   


It is Monday… and my large and small inner tubes are now deflated.  

We went here:

I need to go back there.  Here is the  receipt to prove that we were there.  

wekiva receipt


I still wish I was there floating around the large very very cold spring.  The water is about 68 degrees F.  The temperature was about 90 in the shade in Apopka, which is a town north of Orlando, right off Interstate 4, exit 96 on 434.  Google it.  

My thoughts?  I work too hard.  

Even though it was one day,  yeah,  I work too hard.  I didn’t even go snorkeling because I wanted to float around and do nothing.  During the weeks this summer, I help my hub get his legal practice back on track.  

We need to go back.   But we are going to be visiting other springs this summer. 

Stay tuned.  Got that?  The links for other springs are below. 

It is too hot for the average beach.   Here: