Fifth Sunday of Lent in Florida


Me: the good the bad and the not so pretty. Here on my likes and most of my dislikes about people who claim Catholic faith is only theirs theirs.

More coffee talk I’m getting down to the nitty-gritty here.

This is me in 2018 and will stay me. and I’m happier me so this is going to be me.

  1. . I do not like many Catholic bloggers. They’re showcase people so they could make money like televangelists that they are not. Many of them are hypocrites. All they want to do is make money off of giving retreats. They should do that for free anyhow! As a service to God they should do that.
  2. Many of those people do not like me because I call them on the carpet for things.
  3. Don’t worry about me doing anything to them I called homeland security on a blogger because she kept following me online from Minnesota. One cease-and-desist letter stopped that ! A check is due to see if hasn’t done anything since then and won’t and if she does, I will do it again . But I’m going to use legal action next time -injunction if the thing does go on.
  4. I just can’t deal with very over-the-top OCD Christian Catholic people who like to push the letter of the law in my face. What does this include this includes eating fish on every single Friday wearing Mantillas to Latin masses, and other stuff like that ! I have serious questions as to whether or not they understand the meaning of prayer love and real freedom that is supposed to guide you in the right path.
  5. I have a philosophical problem and religious problem with uptight rigid Catholic Christian and regular evangelical type people who want to push all the stuff in the world in your face. Fine, I’ve had a relationship with my Divine Creator for a very long time I don’t push it in your face.
  6. I have a serious problem with people who see things as half empty. I can take constructive criticism, but please see it as half full and tell me what’s wrong with the other half.
  7. And, a lot of the things I just don’t like I’m getting over. I want to very conservative Catholic school that had issues. What do I mean by these issues? The Sacred Heart province of the third order regular Franciscans once upon a time, had a covenant community at my university. It was a big ass fail. It was so bad that the local bishop had to come in and break them up. Enough said, it’s been almost 30 years since that happened. I have a touch and go trust relationship with them. A lot of the things they do are well-meaning, but I have a serious. Trust no trust a go a relationship with them.
  8. Item 7 : Since this is a almost non-Catholic nonsectarian blog but I’m Catholic and I have to talk about this, there’s a lot of things in the Catholic faith that these people who are very OCD and rigid have been pushing and pushing and pushing on the BLOG circuit here. Since my cousin is one of the wonderful bishops, I will save that for my discussion with him. Hey, it is something will get done after I after I did that.
  9. Last of all the things I can’t stand people who have no idea what they’re talking about and they have to be a know it all about faith and issues like that.
  10. I can’t stand people who cannot be themselves and have to be somebody else, and fake. You could just tell what’s going on in the room when they’re like that. They have no nothing about real love and real freedom in being loving and really caring about people. They are more concerned about how they look in front of people and we’re concerned about themselves.
  11. Just what does that mean about being creative about Lent? I think it means this: it means being yourself doing it in a little way which is really a big way. It’s with the Saints stepping to real faith . No most of this is also meaning that I don’t have to have 65 holy cards in my Bible every time I go to church. I don’t like route prayers I will pray from the heart and for my own words.

OK blog readers and those who snoop on my blog: hit the refresh button. I speak into this into my iPhone Siri can’t spell.

I am all for metal detectors and security for checkpoints in schools. One more thing, before I go grocery shopping and get on with my day and all my chores for Saturday, just be aware that when you speak into this thing sometimes things get miss spelled things go crazy and it’s not nice. So I have to go back and edit everything.

Just do it again just hit the refresh button. Thank you

Coffee talk/Florida school shooting 2018 : my point of view . Why can’t they get metal detectors in schools?

I’m on the other coast. There’s not much more to say. When this happened I was walking out waiting for my ride at school. That’s where I was.

All we kept saying is it could’ve been us. But I’m not gonna go on and on about it. If I went on and on about this, it wouldn’t help

Florida is going to have to take some action. Again, the Florida Department of Education and the association of Florida counties and other individuals in this state, along with the legislature must put metal detectors airplane check points at the entrance and exits of schools.

You want them safe ? Until we get more mental health funding and one mental health things with and to help people and implement other safety measures, that’s what it’s going to come to.

Hey, we already have them at the entrance of court houses! It took a long time to get there. There were protests with lawyers and they were protest with judges. But we did it. Every time in the last five years that I went with my husband to a courthouse I had to get ready to take off my shoes do everything else, I put up with it. I I feel safe inside a courthouse I know that justice most of the time rain and it’s not a big deal.

To my now bosses and people if power at my local school district who snoop on my blog:If you think that I advocate anything crazy — any crazy person shooting up people you got another thing coming. I’m not a weirdo, and I hate guns with an absolute passion. I admire people who can hit a deer in the wilderness. That’s fine you want to use that to to to hunt? Five get your 12 point dear but do not come after a human with an armed aren’t weapon. Bring me the damn venison I’ll make the pancakes. I can’t, do not hit a human or human beings or anything that’s protected by the law. There are a lot of judges and lawyers who hunt. But they cannot take that gun it’s at a courthouse. There are a lot of students who hut with the grandpas and their families. But that should not be able to take a gun on our weapon into a school or learning entity.

Hurry up and get this damn Metal detectors and airport style checkpoints in place at the beginning and exits of schools I don’t care how you do it get it done. The loss of life does not have to happen again.

We’ve had enough people! Deal with it we’re going to make some changes as to how things are done in a good way in a positive way and we’re sick of loss of life around this country I’ve had enough as well. I need to get these legislators and lawmakers out who do not want to implement change who want to be pamby I don’t want to do anything.

What’s it going to take people? It’s not like going to the damn moon! Oh, you’ve done that , I think you can do this. Make some changes or face the consequences face the consequences of getting voted out of office.

To my bosses one more time, I am all for checkpoints in and out of schools like the court houses. If my lawyer husband has take off his metal belt to deal with things walking into the schools, then so should we! It may take us a little longer but then will have schools that are safe. We don’t want to go through it but they didn’t want to go through it at the beginning either. It is a government entity and you need to do whatever it takes to protect kids in our public schools. Stop making excuses and just put it in place. Cut drive boom d

Last I heard, they do in California.

Pre-Lenten thoughts on freedom and how to do Lent in a creative manner and outside the box. No micromanaging me.

Two days to go and it’s like this there’s no way in hell I would ever give up coffee for Lent. Why? I have enough coffee to last me all the way through Easter.

I wouldn’t sentence any human being to seeing me without coffee at five I am when I get up. I have to be at work at 6:30 every morning now. Then, when I come home I still have to work with my husband who operates his own solo law practice.

Take a look at this wonderful gate at our house. Why? I can’t see it. You can walk over the gate. You could walk through the gate. You can take find instructions from someone else how to deal with the gate. And then you can say I’m ignoring the gate. I thought about doing the last statement through all of Lent and skipping Lent all together.

How will I deal with with that it is also Valentine’s Day? It’s like this. I’m going to do a little bit of all three. Except that I’m not going to take any instructions from anyone on how to deal with all at this year. I did a lot of that for 12 years. How? I’ll leave that to my personal preference not to tell you how I dealt with it.

What really makes me really pissed off are those people who try to micromanage me. How am I going to deal with those people? I try to stay away from blog comments less and what not. I try not to come in and try to stay away from EWTN stuff. A lot of those people could not survive in Florida first of all because of the heat second of all, there’s a lot of them who would not be able to live my life. Most of them can’t even run their own lives. Take a good look on Twitter with for the guy who has orange hair and tries to call himself a president.

I also don’t like that many of those people did support the other orange haired individual. Now, they’re seeing what he’s really like. But I’ll leave that to another column.

OK, maybe no one is perfect but I make no excuses for those people who are trying to tell me how to do Lent. They have no idea of how I pray, and they have no idea of how to be creative ,they have no idea of how old I am. they see my husband and I with no children and also an all they can do is think of all kinds of negative nasty things to say. All they do is see things on the surface and try to bark out orders. I think you get what I’m trying to say. I take my readers a little smarter than I used to take them smarter. I think many of my readers are a little smarter than those crazy people would bark out orders to me. I give you that much credit you read this blog.

Not only that, but when you live in Florida you have hurricanes too. Then, the lights go out.

During Lent 2015, it was not exactly the best of circumstances. It was the lent with no air and no lights and no electricity. One of my husband’s major clients didn’t pay us and bounced a huge large check. Since I was not teaching at the time, that was our major utility bill after moving into my father-in-law’s house.It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever forget. But I didn’t believe it.

It was something else. So, I told myself for the next several Lent seasons ,I’m going to take it easy.

This year’s Christmas was very nice. That’s all I’m going to say. It was the opposite of that..

So well, while I’m going on and on and on about how to deal with the gate of Lent. I could decorate that gate with polkadots and they still would be pissed off at me. Or I could give the gate away for somebody else who doesn’t have a gate. I’m using lots of analogies in a parable like manner. It takes a little thought to understand what I’m speaking about. I could decorate that gate with polkadots and they still would be pissed off at me. Or I could give the gate away for somebody else who doesn’t have a gate. I’m using lots of analogies and a parable like manner. It takes a little thought to understand what I’m speaking about.

And even though I have a cousin who is the leader of theCatholic church in this area, I decided to be Mrs. creative when it comes to Lent . I’m not gonna tell anyone what I’m doing. I’m just gonna shut my mouth and ignore the fact that it’s Lent and no talk about it with anyone. It’s none of their damn business. Yes, I wrote that. I’m not taking it back and they’re going to have to deal with it

Just what am I actually giving up for Lent? If anyone asks ? Being near toxic people is on my list.

I think I’m trying to stay more positive. I’m going to see the glass is half full not half empty. Being 54 has its benefits.

I hope you understand what I’m saying here. I intend on writing more and going after some serious goals. Something came up to where I’m allowed to do this more it’s slowly getting there. I stress that word: slowly.

Things don’t always come when you want to come so, I am going to just keep on plugging away. And stay the course.

I’m going to stay away from any type of severity. Severe Lenten seasons do not work they don’t operate out of love. A successful one operates out of love and creativity which mirrors the creator. God is the creator. Get this? I hope so!

Got that ?

I just say it now: my exhaust pipe went on fire this morning on the way to work. Here’s what happened #Funny

Don’t even ask me for a picture of what happened this morning, because even if you were there you would not believe it. I still don’t believe it. I’m still standing. Would you still be standing after this? I doubt it.

I am no wimp! Will let you take a test to see if you could handle this yourself?

We have a very late model Oldsmobile right now that were using till we get a new car. It’s a total trial to try to get the things started every morning. You have to pump the gas. So, I did it this morning like I do every morning. There’s a lot of things wrong with it but it get you from plate point a to point B.

OK, I just can’t stand it I get down the main road she was running very slow this morning. So I get to the bridge that goes over the inlet. Then I hear the screaming at the top of somebody’s lungs. It was like a scene right out of Jon Hughes’s Plains , Trains and Automobiles when the car is on fire and people are yelling at them while driving down the road.

Except, this time it was me. So I pulled over the road which was the bridge going over the Boca Ciega bay and Lake Seminole.

Yep, sure enough the back exhaust had a small little Sparky fire going on. It wasn’t a very big one but I grabbed what I could out of the car and called 911. I asked for the fire department and told him what was happening and they told me to really stand back. While I was waiting for 911 and the fire department, I called work and straighten that mess out. Then I called work again after I got home and after the tow truck I delivered me home safely and got another work ticket.

So almost the entire set an alarm fire department shows up with a fire extinguisher. They put it out finally.. Then, they told me I could drive it because it wasn’t “that bad”. The car is not totaled.

I looked at the lieutenant from the fire department told him that my father-in-law was a fireman. I told him that he had died about four years ago. And then I told him I was laughing because I just knew he was looking out for me. Then, I looked at him and said are you kidding? The way I figured it these guys knew about Fires didn’t know about car engines.

My late father-in-law was a fireman. He worked in the city of Chicago for 30 years. When I got the house after he died or was that before he died? Well, that was one holiday that that Tyler other one on fire. I think these guys like to live dangerously. I knew I smelled smoke and decided to walk away from this scene. So I called the tow truck and had to wait another 40 minutes on the bridge at the top with traffic going by.

It wasn’t so bad. I just didn’t like the idea that my husband’s church buddies gave us this car have no idea how mad I was at them and not the car. How dare they give us something like this that could’ve killed me.

Well guys, if you wanted me dead he didn’t do very good job of it this morning. I’m still alive. I can’t die right now. I mean it.

I have too many places to go and too many things to do.Oh yeah, I will also mention that I just knew some people were praying for me this morning. It was weird .

I’m not gonna say who they were. But I texted them and thank them and told them I was suspicious they were doing so.

At the end of all this I just I finally made it to work. I was laughing because normal regular people would be shaking. I mean it. Wimpy folks would be shaking and giving up on a day like to day . They would’ve made all kinds of excuses as to why they wouldn’t of gone to work.

I was laughing. I wasn’t shaking. I’m not a wimp woman.

Not me. Got that?

Noon on Cleaning Saturday, I have done this so far more to come with pictures.

OK, I said I was going to clean. So far I have cleaned a lamp that didn’t work. It works now. Turns out it had a lot of dust and debris and Fla bugs inside of it. That happens here it had a lot of dust and debris in Florida bugs inside it. That happens here.

Then I attempted to fix our broken blender. It was eight years old. Being on the fix-it lady in the house, I have my own tools. It’s not much but it’s more than most women have being on the fix-it lady in the house, I have my own tools. It’s not much but it’s more than most women have.

Being that I could not fix it and after getting special tools at Ace Hardware, I decided to go ahead spend 50 bucks and get a new one. I now I’m going to have a red blender delivered to me this week.

This is what it looks like.

Updates on me and this is my mega -clean weekend. Because it’s cool out and I motivated. That’s why I am not going to Gasparilla. I live 9 minutes the beach.

I woke up this morning and I thought back to my four years ago

June 2014 is when we moved from South Tampa to Our community, Seminole , which is 12 miles north of Saint Petersburg.

I thought the world had ended. South Tampa and the Gandy Boulevard area is where we lived for 16 long years. We rented for 16 long years. Its a very different atmosphere and very very severe yuppie and it’s a whole different mindset. I joke now that they’ll have yuppie -itis.

If you don’t live here you really can’t grasp what it’s like. If you live in the main drag of the parade you have about a half 1 million people rolling across your street drunk and in pirate costumes.That’s so South Tampa. You’re so selfsouth Tampa if everyone is in marketing it has no real regard for anyone else. They do but as long as someone else is watching. I miss it and I don’t miss it. I miss the part that’s where you live next-door to city councilman what I used to think were movers and shakers.

Over here near the beach, it’s more laid-back. Everybody is into their own thing and usually, most people are not in everybody else’s business. Well, it’s different here you’d have to be here. The New York comparison is deep Manhattan and Long Island. The only way I could compare it.

Watching the parade over there you collect beads and it’s just fun to see how good your catch. And it’s also good to see how much public relations we can ooze from our eyes. And , there is the food.

So, here I am four years later after starting my husband’s practice over here, the house nightmare , no lights for three months in early in early 2015, after the tax nightmare , Scott and his foot surgery and foot cast and wound, and other things I may be or may not be expecting. I’ve settled well into Pinellas County, which for those who don’t live here, is the county by the beach.

No, I’m not going to Gasparilla in South Tampa, we’re not stuck in traffic, I’m not cautious of my people at church or neighborhood in their competition.

Well, the last time I was over there and had to cross a bridge to go over there, was about last spring six months ago. It was interesting.

No, I am going to stay on this side of clean all day. So, while my old neighbors are running around the streets playing pirate and drinking alcohol, my house will be cleaner than yours.

Truth is, I am not stopping until it is totally and completely clean. Pictures are forthcoming ,watch!

Word of warning to those who do go, please prepare yourself. It is like Tampa’s Mardi Gras. It’s a little cleaner, but it’s still like Mardi Gras with the bay and boats.

My pictures are forthcoming of all the cleaning that I did. Honestly, I don’t know whether to do the before or after but maybe we need proof I’m going to go till 11 o’clock tonight until I’m done.


And catching up here, I’ve been sick with a cold for the last three days. I want to the woman’s event that was more than about Planned Parenthood. Trust me, it was not just about that and abortion. It was about real issues for human beings. It was against greed and other things like that. I don’t see how anyone could be Christian support a man who’s been married three times, well you know where this is going I can’t support this man who has a fake conversion.


So Oh yeah, I’m two pants sizes smaller. I failed to eat myself to the big girl store like Lane Bryant or those other fat girl stores. I have no shame about this, and I’m proud of myself that I am now a size 12. I used to be a size 16. I have a solution for people who are a little heavy, don’t put it in your mouth. I buy a whole lot of food and snacks and goodies over the Christmas break. That’s how I lost weight. I also started walking with my dog a local trail.

My goal is to actually get the size 10 or size 8.

What was your tweet to Chicago Card Cupich all about today? Coz Bish ?? What? You’re related to huh-what? huh?

I am related to Bishop Greg L.Parkes, our Roman Catholic Diocese leader. He just celebrated his first year here.

Here’s the story :

OK, folks I was here first. I grew up here. Been here 41 years or so! He came here as a young adult .

I wasn’t going to say anything for very long time. But now after one year it’s come to a head. I have to admit I am the blood cousin of Bishop Gregory L Parks. Oh, that’s the tall guy. He’s the tallest one . His parents were also tall. I’m about 5 foot 6 3/4 inches.

Back off bloggers who do not like me. I’m shorter!

Why say now ? I wanted to let him settle into his job. I grew up here in the diocese he now leads. He grew up in New York. I am from New York originally. It’s a long story which you don’t need to really hear . But I really wanted to give him some space. He had a job to do and he still has a job to do.

I support him in a general way that is needed.

But the real truth is this: I have known him longer than you have. When saw him at Christmas , he was laughing. He kept shaking his head like you are eight months older than me. He kept shaking his head. I’m here.


Before you get all upset: I’m happy.

Happy anniversary to my Bishop “Coz”. It’s cool now. I’m off to regular life: date night with my hub @scottlawyer we are going to see Star Wars .


God works in families. He did back in the day. Here’s our Catholic Gospel reading for today!


JN 1:35-42

John was standing with two of his disciples,

and as he watched Jesus walk by, he said,

“Behold, the Lamb of God.”

The two disciples heard what he said and followed Jesus.

Jesus turned and saw them following him and said to them,

“What are you looking for?”

They said to him, “Rabbi” — which translated means Teacher —,

“where are you staying?”

He said to them, “Come, and you will see.”

So they went and saw where Jesus was staying,

and they stayed with him that day.

It was about four in the afternoon.

Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter,

was one of the two who heard John and followed Jesus.

He first found his own brother Simon and told him,

“We have found the Messiah” — which is translated Christ —.

Then he brought him to Jesus.

Jesus looked at him and said,

“You are Simon the son of John;

you will be called Cephas” — which is translated Peter.

If you’re wondering why we have a cement floor in our living room, we pulled the carpet up three years ago..

I’m speechless of how to explain this. My father-in-law’s house was headed down to my husband after he died, my father-in-law died.

When the dog saw yellow carpet he thought it was grass.. being it was a new home and a new environment Alfie the beagle when a little nuts.

How nuts? He forgot he was housebroken and decided to do his business on the living room carpet that my mother-in-law had installed she died in 06.

So since it was so so that I didn’t really want to have somebody come and clean it because the time he would get back to his ducky senses, we would have a large bill that I just said forget it.

The reason of this as to why we have new carpet, no wood floor and new tile yet, is that we just didn’t get around to it we been dealing other house issues.

Really, I give most women five minutes in this house and they will be climbing the walls calling the counselor. It’s my triumph and their super fail.

I have a proposal for some of you ladies who think you can beat me I keep your nerves and you’re with Anne about how to deal with this house.

Stay tune for a test with points of how you will or could or not be in my league how you deal with this house.