ST Read this to see what AND HOW the GOP US Speaker of the BLOWS OFF Pope Francis statement on Global Warming. John Boehner = cafeteria Catholic!


Scroll down to see how the GOP Speaker of the House blows off a major work of Pope Francis and the Roman Catholic church!

This moron blows off President OBAMa and says he’s PRO LIFE?

He is a **** hypocrite.  He takes only some of what the church teaches and shoves off the other.

He is a genuine LIAR suck up.  I mean if you are going to ask for power,  I would have asked for the actual budget or about 100 billion bucks like the oil companies actually get.

Low self esteem.  Orrrr how about do the right thing and get the f* out of where you are and actually be Catholic and not a f**ing drunk like you usually are.

Time to stop talking out of two sides of your mouth === you hypocrite.  You are not going to live forever.  Mr. Murdoch seems to think he is going to and so do the people who put together his U.K. papers with their nude page six gals.  Yes, they exist.  Murdoch sons are running it.  See what you have to look forward to in the near future with Fox News?

Now you see what and why we are all in the shape that we are in.  And now you see why the Ohio River barely has fish in it.

Isn’t funny that these people in Kentucky and Ohio look older than they do?  You should see them when they come down here and get in line for the theme parks.

He is a fake.  He is a liar and you in Ohio have believed him.  What a bunch of duh heads.


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