Saturday  Florida summer story series. Once upon a time there were two turtles that found a green algae pool. Here’s a rescue story. 


Our two wild pet turtles are now out of our pool that used to be green with algae !!!!  

We don’t really go swimming till now usually, so we finally put our nine jugs of chlorine inside our  green pool. Our pool is green all winter because we didn’t want the idea of the expense of having to put all the chlorine and not be able to swim.  We have a city community pool that we use for swimming for two dollars every time we visit . 

So since it was green and looked like a a pond, all kinds of wild things are still happening there. Wild ducks used to fly in,  white Iibis Florida birds used to dig out tadpoles or lizards.  So, you see it was only natural that snakes and turtles would jump in the pool. 

But now that there’s chlorine in it as of last night ,  we knew we had to do something with the turtles because we can’t actually go swimming with two wild creatures in the pool. From the looks of it, I’m  not a biologist but I know that they look like snapping turtles that are very common in this area. So after seven bucketful’s of chlorine they were floating at the top of the pool. We both felt sorry for them and knew that they needed a new home.  We even named them Harry and Dolores after my mother and father-in-law who gave us this house. 

The real story however, was keeping Alfie away from the turtles. He was barking at them when he saw them in the pool . He’s a hunting dog being a beagle, so it was important for him to realize this was not something to hunt. 

Getting the turtle out of the pool was an event. We tried for three days. We tried everything. This was not fun . 

Then I finally had an idea to get a red leaf rake to lift both of them out of the pool.  Being wild creatures they were scared of us and saw a shadow in the pool,  so they would swim away every time . But since all the  leaves glass and whatnot went to the bottom of the pool with the chlorine , it was probably hard for them to live where they used to live.  So, they were floating at the top this morning after breakfast.  I knew they were alive because they were moving.  But, I knew that we had to work fast.  So I got my red leaf rake and just stuck in the pool and lifted the first one out. He swam to the edge of the pool so he had  no whereto go but the top of my rake. I lifted him he was finally out.  

Getting the other turtle out  also wasn’t so easy. My husband had two tries. A second try , he finally got him out when he lifted them out. But this other little guy almost escaped. He almost slid off into the right , but Scott moved quickly. He put them in the pond at the end of  our street.  He used a large red Bin that he carried them to the pond in.

Truthfully, I didn’t want to see them go I let him do it.  Honestly, I was still in my jammies when he did this. 

Yes, I get turtles out of pools in my jammies. So? I know I did more than you did this morning. Oh, I also made baked eggs and fresh homemade cinnamon biscuits. 

As far as for the turtles,  Scott said when he walked to the pond ,  they were scrambling to get out. But they were very happy in their new home, which is full of ducks , wildlife and other creatures that fly into a real pond , where I don’t have to swim. 

There’s even a whole family of ducks that sometimes visit our front lawn. I’ll take pictures of them one day. My next door neighbor feeds them bread an almost daily basis. I know but it’s not good for them but I don’t try to be a control freak and tell her not to do it.   I’ll probably get some bird seater duck food so at least I’ll be eating something nutritious next time they show up. There seems to be a lot of females and maybe one or two bills out of that whole deck family. The mother is still with them. They are babies but they’re getting bigger. It seems that they’ve made their home at the end of the street at the pond. 

I have yet to see a gator there. But being it’s Florida I know it could still happen. A sign that you’re a true Florida resident is that you look twice before you enter any pond or river or wild stream. You don’t even put your foot in the water past your knee. 

But for now the plan is going to have only the ducks in the turtles and anything else too small to see. 

I guess everyone will be happy after this. And we will be cool away from the heat. 

I am very happy for the turtles this morning.  We have a crew that we can swimming. And they have a new home. 


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