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Still missing this guy his name is Buddy he has been loose since 6/19/15 last seen at druid rd and highland ave not far from my house please help us find him he means the world to us.

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JD Stark tell me how did the dog get out in the first place???

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JD Stark My dog has a micro chip and a collar and a license and I just paid $300 to get his shots and everything else. I take CARE of my dog. He is a full blooded Beagle, not a mix. Oh yeah, we used to live in an apartment and I had to actually walk him outside WITH A LEASH AND NOT HAVE HIM FOLLOW ME IN BUSY AREA= I AM A RESPONSIBLE OWNER. I now have yard for him to run in. If I didn’t do this for my that there damn dog, or what rednecks call JUST OOOOOOLLLLLD DAWG, HE WOULD BE TAKEN AWAY FROM ME by the doggiE CPS AKA THE ANIMAL CONTROL JUST LIKE THE KIDS I DONT HAVE.

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  • x  JD Stark I am not the owner of the dog…. I am sharing from a lost and found page hoping that someone might have seen the dog and can get in touch with the original person and thank you very much I do have social skills please take your insults somewhere else. I am just trying to help. If you have something to say say it to the owner of the dog which if you read the post she is listed on there.
  • JD Stark This is ridiculous. Howd the dog get out ??? Even when we lived in an apt my Alf was never allowed outside without a leash and at least a harness on. I watch him more than a child. I live in Seminole. Check the pound.
  • JD Stark Is he microchipped?
  • JD Stark that tharrrrr DAWWWWWG….
  • JD Stark someone said they saw a beagle near there is that him? Point: if you can’t take care of your dog … show social skills to give him to a good home. We

    My point (*I saved it for my blog. ) copied. Why can’t ppl take care of their animals and walk them and supervise them and leave them in the house? We did. I lived in the same apartment for 16 years BEFORE I GOT A ?HOUSE. From 2011 to 2014, we had Alf the Beagle. We walked him and socialized him and took him to dog parks to get exercise. Myhouse was clean and so were our cars. Alf the Beagle is not even neutered because we are with him all the time.

    rescued ours from such a redneck home where they were doggie sitting. He was 8 months old. He has been with us ever since. He is not allowed outside without us. 

They banned me for stating that PET RESPONSIBILITY IS A GOOD THING 


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