We are approaching Labor Day. So, I decided to move The furniture around in my home office. Heres is the before picture. 


This is what I’m doing during my staycation this week before Labor Day.  Where about to have the very last hopefully, garage sale Saturday morning. That is a last ditch attempt to get rid of everything in the garage some way or another.
OK , so I don’t put a lot of pictures of my desk  and where I write around here.   I also got rid of the lights because it’s not Christmas. My read a reason for that was the pink bolts blew out in the pink lights. So, I have to get new ones. 
I will take a picture after I finish moving everything around. I added the couch inside the room because it’s just cozier. 

But, after I clear out the paper away everything in its proper filing boxes,       I will take a very nice picture good enough to be put on Pinterest. 

A word of warning here: everything in my office is red white and black. Why?  I find red very  motivating in the morning.  Is a color that commands attention.  

So, what did I do?  I turned everything around on my desk faces both doors. My desk no longer faces the street or outside in the front of the house.  

Just trying to stay focused on the very distracted and semi busy week. 


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