One thing I cannot stand is this: Flaky people. Read this. Remember flakes don’t get paid a zillon bucks to be that way. Why bother with them?

Flaky.  Where ‘d they get that word and what do they do with it?  Where do those people come from? 

Put flaky and redneck in the same combination and you will know what it is really like to live here.   There are many of them.   There are too many of them.

But there are good people too.  But I am not going to talk about the good people today.

Flaky people.  I  am going to be short and to the point here.  When people do not show up and do not call,  and you relied on them to show and to call, then they are absolute flakes.  When they say they are going to pay you and do not,  big time first class flake.

And when after signing a contract,  they change their mind, even though there is a whole paragraph that states  they can’t do that and that you may have already filed the requested paperwork for them that they paid for when they paid you.

One thing hub and I have to remember is this:  with the flakes there are crumb and dirt and well there is always another path away from the flakes and the dirt.

Good thing there are defaults away from the flakes and a means to let everyone know just how unreliable these people are.

Remember that.   I will.   There is air that I do not have to breathe around them.   I can go elsewhere.


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