Here’s my Op on Pope Francis visit. I am staying here in the FLA and avoiding the Papal Circus.

I need to say a few things before Pope FRancis,  the guy I know as “FR. Jorge” heads north to NYC, Washington and neurotic Philly, land of Vinny show off and Mrs. Vinny “I must have it my way” on the Jersey Shore. 

I am staying here. I get to watch another sunset.  Pope Frank is doing my an honor by flying over my house. I hope he’ll wave at both of us as he looks down. 

Been there, done that.  I have already had lunch and breakfast and dinner with him.  I didn’t ask for that.  And I have already shared meals with the other two guys before him. 

I have NO PATIENCE FOR WHINY northeasterners pushing and shoving in line.  I also have no patience for their rude shouting and base humor of what person gets there first or doesn’t get there first.

I do hope he kicks or stares into the House of Rep’s John Boehner’s eyes and makes him change.  I hope he makes them think twice about doing the stupid things they do.  I am guessing that Trump is getting out of the race before Thanksgiving.  I would jump one more to say that Jeb Bush may even have to get out of the race and it is after this visit that VP Joe Biden may jump in.

All this could happen after this visit.  Expect silent fireworks. And if that doesn’t work, I am going to get a box of Doritos that are different colors.   Vinny or Mrs. Vinny may have a need of a job while this is going on.   They know what to do. 

And can anyone tell me why NY pizza delivery is late and always late for Mr. Trump lately? 

I know why…………………. 

See everyone in front of the TV where it is cool and no one is shoving to get in front.


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