It is October already. Adventures with bad critters and bad prospective clients can turn anyone.

Where did this year 2015 go?

I am going to be short and to the point here.  It is the lull before the Halloween Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  New Year’s doesn’t count.


Prayers appreciated because we have been through quite a lot in the past year.  We have been trying to finish up dealing with Harry, my Father -in-Law’s estate and dealing with his house and all the repairs that I loose sleep over.

Trust me,  I loose sleep over that and bad client behavior.   Usually those are the clients that either do not have a case or end up cancelling on us last minute just as we were counting on them to have good client behavior.  Trust me,  they are a minority but the bad part is this:  just as it gets slow they show up like clockwork, make an appointment and cancel last minute while acting crazy on the phone.  My point:  because of this things in the house and things that we count on to get done and paid do not .

So this is why I loose sleep.  that and my worrying about the critters in this house that are driving us crazy.

But Alfie the Beagle has been on the job to scare the bleep out of it.  More about all that in a coming entry here.   I am very proud of our sweet dog and he has done a wonderful job.   I have held off on getting a cat to get rid of the rat or mouse that I have spied at least twice.  Then,  I need to note here that there is a Black Snake outside that needs to come inside an eat that thing that runs and hides.   Mr. Snake is a resident of our semi-native Florida and needs to be on the job here == soon.

But more on what happened last night later after I tackle the items on my list.


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