A Thursday note from me, a writing project and THE FIL BEING GONE ALMOST TWO YEARS.



I finally am re jumping this one project I have –  long hand.  I am not going to tell what the project is, but as Fall winds down and the waves go in and out on our shore,  it is going better than expected.  It is funny what you can write  when you do it with an actual pen and paper and then type it later.

I haven’t done that in years.  I have been typing for almost 34 years.  It works great for Writer’s block.  Just free write if you have the time.  And keep writing.  You will get a better product.

Then,  type it out.  Just put down what you have.  Then,  go and do something else like live or remember.

Then,  edit it.  Edit the thing after you type it. Add to it and edit it.

This is my recipe for what I am doing.  This is my recipe for a really tough item that I am writing.  Do it the old fashioned way, but only if it is a tough item.

I think it is just indicative of what we are dealing with around my house since it has been the LONGEST DANG TWO YEARS OF OUR LIVES.   

I miss Harry…..  it has been two years.



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