Thoughtful Tuesday: Thanksgiving coming, first cold weather and no AC in our house after a hot summer


I AM not not going to say too much, but I must here.

It is already November and we are on our way to the Christmas season before Thanksgiving.

It is all that in the stir of garbage that is:  the #starbucksredcup nonsense,  the “you are not Christian unless you support the GOP PARTY AND THE KOCH brothers for their superficial inhumanity and sharing superficial love.”

FORGET IT.  SORRY, BUT I AM GOING TO PASS ON THOSE DAMN evangelicals and Pope Haters.  Usually, most of them are KKK.  Yeah,  I am going to pass on the racists who also hate black people and Jewish people.  They dial #christianLIteISRIGHT everyday.

Why are these people like this?  For one thing, if they hate blacks, they have a color and a body problem and over stress how body is and isn’t important when IT DOESN’T SUIT THEM.

There are lines I draw here.  I still believe in the Catholic Church and the Eucharist because Jesus said it.   They don’t.  They like Christian lite and are superficial about it.

Enough of this tangent.  One less item to roll my eyes about today.


So, November is here.  Okay.  Cold weather is here. Even better than okay.  We melt all summer long and it is nice when it goes below 65 at night.

Save nothing for the bad AC man who overcharged us last May for a used part that I ABSOLUTELY REFUSED TO PAY for.  Save nothing for this highway robbery.   I am not going to name names as to who this crook is, but we should do so.   Trust me,  I really should do so and let you all know not to use him.  PM me here at  and I will tell you who this thief is.  

So there’s a story here.  About three weeks ago,  I was sitting down finishing another “damn I’m determined to get rid of this estate stuff in my Garage Sale in the Garage” on another Saturday morning.  So, just as I was closing up the garage door,  Mr AC man who overcharged about $500 to us in our May sweating desperation rolls up the street but not in our driveway. He knew better. 

Our Ac broke back in May, even though I told the FIL to get  new unit as he was starting to just patch it with a used part and pay another AC crook.

Back in May, I knew I needed Air Conditioning and my FIL’s house needs a new unit.   But given the fact that we are still to finish the rest of the estate legal stuff,  I was unprepared to spend the full amount on a new unit.  Patch it.  I’ll get a new unit later.  The old one is about 35 years old. 

He was very very pushy.  He more than pushed the fact that  he wanted to do it anyhow against my consent.  He even pushed the payment plan that I didn’t want.  CLEARLY:  WE DIDN’T WANT THIS.  So he kind of made an overcharged payment plan with us.  I reluctantly insisted that we could not afford it at the moment but he kept insisting.  Ok,  put it in.  But I don’t want to pay for this. I know that, he said.  Use a used part, I told him.  My own 2015 late Father would have definitely done the same bleep thing.  (*Are you laughing, Dad? I am .)  The fan and the compressor were starting to go ,  he said.  I suspect he could have just put Freon and left.

I am still suspicious that he was lying in the first place about the whole thing to make a buck.

It was May in Florida. It was starting to get really hot. So I am  there and the guy demands money.  Forget it I told him, it  was starting to go again.  Faulty parts should not be sold.  He was selling faulty parts.  He had a whole truck full of used parts that were not worth what we paid for them.

So later I went to the grocery store. When I returned,  I roll back up the street and what do I see?  The dude vandalized our fence and broke in our backyard and stole the whole outside AC unit and not just the part.  We called the  County Deputy Sheriff after he did this.  During the whole thing while he was taking and told us to stuff it.   My hub was in the living room and was trying to call and report the trespassing thief.

After it was over, I changed the locks on the fence.  Rest assured readers,  we are looking at our options.

The young very young Deputy called the whole B.S. episode a dumb ass civil matter.   I am still rolling my eyes.  I am not going to say what my hub’s law school buddy said bout the whole ordeal.

I was relieved that we would not have to pay this fool who  put a faulty part in.  He is a crook  who takes advantage of people and families after their family member dies.

One more thing:  the week in mid 2013 when my FIL started to get really bad with his cancer and about six months before he died, this guy’s friend did this to him.  I should have known better.

I am going to be clear:  We told him not to put it in back in May.  He insisted. But then even after he did,  he came back and stole it.  My hub is still furious .  He broke the fence and trespassed on our property when we told him something he didn’t like.

So we got through a very hot summer.  And, we no longer owe the crook. My FIL’s house we now live in and is ours needs a new unit and that is what we are going to get.

My point:  there are so many crooks in Florida.  This joker took advantage of the situation.  But now,  that he was so crooked, we no longer owe the SOB.

My next point:  if I am patient,  then I know that I will get  new AC unit.  It will not be a used one with any used parts.  It will be new.


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