Thoughts for Sunday here. Not boring…

I don’t usually blog on Sundays.

Being a type A personality, I need one day where I just say forget it. Yes, I walk around in my bunny slippers on Sunday until I go to mass.  It can be done.  

The truth is this: I have so much to do that if I put the list here of list a and b , you sure would have your eyes wide open. 

So here goes:

  1. The files in my office are so in need of doing.
  2. Project still needs typing and setting in this writing item. Then it is Done!!!! 
  3. Recipe book of all the recipes that everybody’s ever given me needs typing and printing. 
  4. I need to study to add areas to my Florida teaching license. 
  5. Need to seek and query new opportunities for stories. This is easy. 
  6. The side of the house needs clearing . This is a major day long project.  

So now you see what mess I/ we inherited???  


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