Leap Day motivation thoughts and a Video about the Oscars with Vlogger Casey N.



Wow!  I love that  the movie “Spotlight”  won.  Now it is on to spotlight emotional abuse in church.   And I like that things are going to happen now.  I h0pe they are going to happen now.  More people need to highlight what church chats who are criminal and bad and need to be called out on.   Many more need to go to jail.

I have yet to see how this is going to hit the pickies in the church this time. I mean  the clueless Mommy bloggers and the Web Perfects in the church who think I am the scum and like to ban me because I call them out on things they should be called out on .  The clergy?  Most have already dealt with this or are dealing with this.  Trust me,  if they haven’t I will find out about it and call them out on it.

I have this and another topic to call out today.  It is Monday and Leap Day.  But some people abuse others motivation and kill their motivation.

That is my motivation now.  It is Leap Day.  Ahhhhhhhhh!  I am smiling.  I get an extra day to actually do what I want to do.   This day only comes once every four years.

I can hear certain family members who tell me my writing is a waste of time and that I should be doing something else.   What?  They refuse to tell me.  My reaction?  I don’t care and hence,  my motivation problems.  I don’t want to do what they refuse to tell me.  I don’t need to be around them.

Truth is this:  certain unnamed others  and other non creative clods who follow people and do not create and have nothing to show for things but sitting for hours in a cubicle working for others think I should do the same.   Sorry but I am not them.

Nahhhhh,  that is not my ticket. There is better things to do with life without the guilt of pleasing others.  At this p0int,  I have my office,  my paid for house and my office desk in my favorite color.

I am counting my blessings and how much bleep I have in my office here.  Then I go for a naughty snack instead of exercising.  Today’s choice: Ice tea and Cape Cod chips.  Why?  The treadmill sucks. And somehow while munching down I get the thought in my head: I need to go back down to the Everglades and bike in Shark Valley with an actual bike  think about riding another 15 miles.

This is a tough one.  Motivation is a major topic for me and always has been a major topic for me.  Given the fact that it is Monday and a Leap Day says much.

Watching Casey the Vlogger is motivating for me.  The Oscars, well,  I laugh because for me, Movie Starville is a kind of a been there done that I did when I was about 5 years old.  I lost my first tooth in a notable’s house.

It is a lot of hype that well  I would rather go sit on a beach at this point and talk about my art with fellow local writers and maybe a few students. I stress the word, few.  Let’s make sure they are serious.   And by this,  I mean let us make sure that they are going to actually make something better.

Did I watch it?  No!  I had  no Tv because I gave it up for uh… Lent.  Actually,  I don’t ever care to get TV again. I am saving  1200 to 1500 a year on not having a  cable bill.  That’s enough to go on a cruise that leaves from Tampa because we have no airfare to buy from here.   That is also a cheap flight overseas one way,  unless I hit a sale .

I have internet and a landline phone and that is enough.  TV is a time waster and so is Facebook and maybe Twitter.

Right now,    we have a full library stocked with stuff that videos are.  And we have a non cable TV with a DVD player .

In other words,  there are no political ads playing at my house over and over and over again.  There is peace.

I know there were many readers who want to know why I took that picture of the side of my house yesterday.  I did it because I could.  We are overloaded with a long list of things that need to be done here.  I thought it was amusing that some of you all should be made aware of this need.

So how do I end this?  How about with a 70s song?





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