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Daily life in Florida Department store JCPenney – is it gonna die? My old roommate says no! I’m not so sure and I’m waiting to see what happens too. And here are some comments of mine after being in employee in the early 80s. Trust me, you’re going to like this one it’s kind of funny. I’m telling the truth with out hesitation.

It was July 4, 1981. I remember it like it was yesterday. I worked at the Eastlake Square Mall JCPenney during the 4th of July weekend . I didn’t want to work that weekend but I found out someone in leadership there didn’t also.

Some notes here. I have to tell you that the East Lake Mall no longer exists in East Tampa. And the JCPenney in the mall is no longer there either because the more the longer exist period and ex-boss Ms Doris V. who was mean to me then probably more than likely lost her job when they close the joint altogether. But what goes around comes around. Again, I was not there when she wore the likely lost her job after they closed it two or three years later, while I was graduating college with my bachelors degree.

That whole mall now is a computer mall. Inside the computer mall is a computer company that stands there and is been there for the last 30 years as far as I know. It’s not doing as well either.

Enough said!

Let’s just say this: I hope I’ll never ever ever run into her again. She was the most patronising person who talked down to everyone, including me. I held my own.

And the truth is this: after we got back from a friends morning wedding back then, I went to work that night in the evening in the afternoon period after she was let’s just say patronising well I had a crowd and a line at the check out inside that store. What goes around comes around. I have made it very clear here that was just before my freshman or sophomore year of college. Now that I’m older I see what someone used to call the golden rope theory as true. What goes around comes around.

Because it’s 30 years later please remember this: I have forgiven but I have not forgotten. I’ve told the truth here and this: I seriously hope they go under — they were mean to me.

Oh sorry for everyone. But I’m still standing! Remember that. I want to poor Miss Doris is doing right now. Here we are 30 years later I have two college degrees, 15 years experience as a journalist, many years of teaching under my belt and a lot more other adventures that someday I would like to write about.

Mrs. Meany at Penny’s I need to tell you this if you ever run into me ; you were mean you got what was coming to you. They took your insecure emotional job because you obviously didn’t produce.

Gosh, it’s good that I can say that 30 years later. I’m not naming names but I have another associate that I worked with at the time she was going to college she’s now an educational leader in another Florida county. I bet if she knew I was writing about this she would put her head back mouth open and laugh with reckless abandon. I’ll share her reaction.

I’m waiting to see them crash. Because if they were mean to me, God knows what they did to everyone else.

What goes around comes around. My grandma used to say that. The day they folded the department store Abraham & Strauss, she had the same reaction. She had a laugh that was contagious when you get to heaven someday asked to hear it.

And again, what goes around comes around. Got that?


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