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Here are some honest summer thoughts 2019. I promise it won’t get too personal .

  1.  Is very hard to get going in the morning .  I need 2 cups of coffee sometimes three to get going here’s my cup and I actually found my glasses this morning



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I was going to put this in a Pinterest but I don’t know neatness is a sure sign of someone who does not get anything done. It’s pushing 10 o’clock I got more done yesterday than most crazy people who have a paystub and work for someone who is not married to them. Yes, I work with my husband we do some McNiff ascent things for families. And I’m always wondering why did they want to control my life? I’m not letting them control my life I love my desk though. It took me a couple days to work on it. There’s still lots and lots of  files to sort and a file cabinet to get done.




Yes that is a trashcan in front of the wonderful file cabinet. We’ve been trying to go through old files and figure out what to get rid of. In case you’re wondering duck is in my garbage because I could tell you this right now buying a shredder next week .  I’m buying a cross cut shredder diamond cut shredder you won’t be able to put anything together. .

Off to the races! Here we go ……… no where is my to do list?






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