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I made a comment on this Catholic website on not having to struggle in prayer. Be yourself. Being yourself is important when talking to God. Listen inside is important too. 15 YEARS LATER MY THOUGHTS ON THIS.

I guess they the old St Blog’s super Catholic blog people are getting older.  I tell myself that.  I tell myself that these famous people who are only relevant to themselves are now the same age I was when I FIRST STARTED BLOGGING IN 2003. But now they are the same age I was when we couldn’t have kids and went off to Graduate school instead.  

They think they are perfect.  You don’t and I don’t.  We know they are not.  These people need to get regular jobs and make regular money like everyone else and loose the Catholic elitist behavior.  Parishes need to start allowing their own daily life people speak.  I believe these folks have more to share that this group of Catholic elitists. 

I don’t have the heart to tell them (*tongue in cheek) our  Bishop is six  foot seven.  Those elitists would have to look up beyond where they think they stand over all of us because they have done something.  They are not as close to God as or high as they think they are.  Not one of them is a Florida resident.  I have a beef at that.   They despise us except when they get to speak here.  I have a serious beef about most of them. The pride of this list makes me want to run to the bathroom. They think they have to be something that they are not.  And their judgement of us and lack of knowledge and want of lack of knowledge of us means that we don’t have enough Catholic or holy enough dust for THEM AND THEIR PUFFED UP LIFESTYLE THAT IS VERY CATHOLIC NARCISSISTIC.  No  wonder many of them support a Narcissist President 45. He is just like them blind and only relevant to themselves.   

Figures.  Not one of you all are converted or have ever heard of them.  What or who are these people?  No one to the rest of you and most of them in this blogroll listed .  I will put the links in later, maybe yes and maybe not.  

Nah,  gonna leave the links out.  If you want you can GOOGLE THEM yourselves. I have to remember that you do not have the backstory on them. You do not know how much judging goes on.

Here goes. Here’s the list  I no longer read on a regular basis.





How do you struggle in prayer? I don’t have to struggle because I know God loves me. To struggle means that you are trying to be something that you are not. You feel like you have to be freaking fake.
I never have to struggle in prayer because in Florida where it is 105 in the shadenow, they the Church here teaches us to be our best self WITHOUT BEING INSECURE. The heat here burns it out of us .

We are taught here that there is something wrong when you have to be something that you are not. I know God loves me as I am.

O yeah, I talk to God all day and get an answer every single time. Maybe you are not listening .
I really get an answer. I wonder about people who do not. I really don’t have to pray a certain way either. That’s another bad sign when you feel like you have to be something that you are not.
That is not being loving to God and it is saying that “Gee God, I don’t like the self that you made me to be. I must try to be like Suzy’s version of holy even though Suzy is a basket case because she tries to be something that she is not.”

TIME TO GET REAL AND KNOW THAT when you are your best self,  you are holy with God’s help.



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