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July 25, 2019: today is the last day of me being 55 in Florida when it rains. My thoughts on this here and other “beefs”.

On top of this paragraph is a picture of me when I was eight I think when I was nine. I was an awkward kid but I know that I knew things nobody else did. The next picture isn’t almost all most recent picture of me last year. I kind a like it because I have a smile on my face and new glasses.

Here are three items that I hold dear, somewhat. “We can do it” says a sign on my wall . I still have a can do attitude . I love my red clock . Retro and that’s fun.The last word is something I haven’t done much of lately. I’ve been so busy helping my husband with his solo legal practice, and sleeping in until 8:45 am and living with the summer dream, that I haven’t really had any thought to getting back into my writing. I’m a teacher here in Florida. Teachers are off for the summer here in Florida. I’m admitting it. I’m enjoying every single minute of sleeping in late during the late July summer when it rains in Florida. I even said screw it to writing in my personal journal. I shouldn’t do that but occasionally I do. No it’s not going to be read that till after I’m probably dead if they read it all. I still write in it so if you want to know if that still exists, it still exist but I’m not as proficient as I used to be and regular about writing in it. If you really want to know what’s in there? Most of it is prayer notes. I’m not gonna try to explain what prayer notes is it’s like taking notes of what inspirational stuff you read it anything else to that extent.

I think when I’m trying to say here is that when you get to be 55 , you still learn how to stay regular how about work and what you think is work. And I think the last half month has been a hard lesson for me personally how to get off the treadmill that everybody else says I should be on.

Who are those people anyway? True, getting things done is important but there needs to be balance and I need to learn it the hard way.

And I’m going to admit it that helping my husband is been great but there are some things you people need to know: legal lead generation sucks! I’m just gonna come out and say it most of them over charge for a service that they don’t need to be overcharging for here. My husband and I could go on a cruise for what we’ve paid in bad legal leads and bad listings of people who do not want to pay for an attorney and they know very well that their personal situation is going to get worse if you don’t have one.

Don’t even get me started on that subject and you probably are going to hear a lot more about it very very soon! going to hear me bitch and moan and complain about all about that because we can and we will , so we’re going to do it. Those people are not going to make my life any more miserable. Ha ha, I’m a try to make their life miserable.

I never understand it that if you look into getting something that you can’t afford that why even look into it in the first place? Why put your name down for something you can’t afford you know you can’t afford or something you’re going to try to haggle somebody down for something that is set in price. What am I talking about? This is what happens when those people get on the phone with us. They give us their sob story and then try to make us feel bad after we’ve told him how much something cost and then they can’t forward it or claim they can’t afford it and haggle some more.

Where I wrote it here —there I said it. I’m not done with saying it and you haven’t heard the last of this. Maybe a little frankness would be very very necessary to spread the transparency around and let them know that everybody else here know what really happens when you get a list of 40 something people who say they need a lawyer, and then you call them and play phone tag with them for two weeks or even longer… Hey, I’m not naming any names. Oh I’d like to but I don’t even know them in the first place. I don’t understand how can you put it in that you need an Attorney and then decide last minute that you’re going to be a redneck and not need an attorney? Don’t you think about what you do people? I’m going to further examine a little bit further about what happens to these people!

Let’s do that now I’m not gonna name names but I’m gonna name the situation and call the BS for what it is. Mrs.X ask who I will call the her is an unmarried woman who is jumped into bed with a man that she had a child with. OK, she had the child but then had to get child-support from the man she had the child with. Now in Florida, they have an agency that collects child support and it forces it for mothers and parents. Usually it’s the mother that collects the child support and lives off of it. It’s not welfare, but it’s regulated so that if the father or even the mother doesn’t pay the child support he loses his drivers license and goes to jail. And then there were thousands of fathers walking around with $20,000 of child support in arrears. It’s not just one case I’m not naming any names, I’m not naming any clients it’s usually a situation in this state that’s very common. again, the Florida Department of revenue collects a garnish thousands of parents for their child support in the state.

Then, they put their name in an online form listing and inquire how to change things by inquiring about how to get another lawyer to do it their way. What do I mean by listing? They inquire how to change it and their custody and sharing time with the other parent and stuff like that after they Google how to find a lawyer. Then, the Google listing which is owned by a legal lead generation or a listing marketing company that buys those leads contacts the lawyer who had stupidly paid about $600-$1000 for these legal leads they suspect are no good in the first place.

What am I really talking about? What is this list mean? Basically, this list at some lawyers by is a long list of 33 people in this lead generation list of people who think they have cases. Some of them do. But they are very few. And you get maybe five out of 50 who might have a case or they think they have a case.

Now I can see some of you reading this and asking yourself why would anyone pay $600-$1000 for 40 something or 50 leads? Another thing, it’s called lead generation and it totally sucks.

Then when you do get them on the phone most of them I would say about 45% of them do not want to pay at all. I say it again,Period! They think they should get out of their responsibilities for free. This is why you have to be extremely firm with them. And by that time you’re sitting there wondering why am I even on the phone with this person in the first place. thought ghost in my mind of how redneck are you? Or they have a list down to a payment plan they think they can do or we’re trying to be nice with them and they still call back and be jerks and cancel. That is, if they call back and you go to the meeting and you’re wondering where the hell are they? I would say about 25 to 30% of people who make these appointments do not show up because they have no manners and they are beyond learning disabled. Those people are from neighborhoods work I don’t wanna be caught at night. Thus, my attitude of they get what they deserve because they don’t want to get help real help.

Most lawyers who hear this will be saying amen! Most office managers who work with the lawyers will be saying amen.

There’s a lot of pissed off people out there walking around who are tired of rednecks and low class people. And this is why we run to elitist places where those people can’t get in! sure you just read that or read that several times because after dealing with these people you’re ready for happy hour times 10!

I just needed to say all this today because some of them on that list are very nice people. Most of them don’t really understand what we paid for. No, transparency is important we got very few cases out of that 60. I admit the return rate is crappy. And most lawyers who are practicing on their own do not want to waste money on these people.

My husband has a solo practice where people try to cut his rate down so much. He gives them one rate and then they try to haggle with them. And then yesterday after haggling with one certain client I will not name for a traffic court DUI appearance, calls last minute and says Nana Nana boo-boo I got this other lawyer for free. It was more than likely a private or public defender. I called back because it was after hours when I got the initial call and just asked what the hell is going on? Now if The Florida Bar is going to get after me or my husband for any reason I did not name names! They are not our clients yet or will they ever be? I highly doubt it because they cannot afford a lawyer. I’m talking about how some people lawyer shop and yes that should happen but not to the point where they have a hearing coming up and they’re trying to haggle it down so much they don’t have to pay for anything and have any responsibility for their actions.

People, please take responsibility for your actions.

This stuff goes on all the time. What am I talking about? I think you just read it and look at my clock and realize it’s time for stuff to really be told like it is.

I have to say this folks you have no idea what kind of bad behavior I’ve had to deal with. This is why I don’t write as much as I used to because I’m dealing with these people.

Well, from now until Monday I’m not doing it anymore.

Think I’m gonna go have a birthday and I’m going to try to fix it so we don’t have to buy stuff from those people anymore.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.