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Good morning and happy end of summer! I have a few thoughts about this. I thought more about the US CCB Made For Love podcast.

(Warning :This is definitely a Florida every day life type of entry.)

It is 7:42 AM and I just got up. The pungent smell of my dog’s poop rang through my nose as I got up this morning. I still wondered what you all would do. Would you fight with your partner or husband? Would you ask or demand that he or she pick up the poop immediately?

I said screw it I got up took two double bags and picked it up and sprayed cleaner on the affected area.

It’s **for crying out loud it could be fixed. It’s just like everything else. I went on a website last night who is our all criticizing the church. Discussion? The John Paul the second institute.

I’ve about had enough of getting On Disqus . In my opinion it’s is worse than Twitter. At least Twitter limits your words. This goes on and on and on. And it’s usually man fight ultra conservative fearful people that have nothing else better to do than complain about how their spiritual dust is not done correctly. I don’t even think God is good enough their idea of God. There’s some serious OCD going on there. even their math it if they had to admit it is not good enough for the actual idea of what they consider their method of prayer is.

Don’t get me started on the rest of them. I start fantasizing how I can beat the living crap out of them but that that wouldn’t even help that. Oh yeah, don’t read into that I just have a normal reaction to comments that are not normal. Don’t worry, I don’t do anything and normal people do not comment like that. I’m very serious about what I just said there’s too much at stake for me to lose..

Which brings me to the conclusion that there’s always going to be something. Yes, I always wonder about whether or not it’s going to be fixed or they’re just going to continue to be ignorant. I think they enjoy it.

And everyone, I know I haven’t said a single thing about all the gun violence.

Well, if you vote for certain people then policies will be put in place so there will be more gun violence.

I’m not going to say prayers even though I am going to pray. I’m not going to get upset no!

I’m starting to think that nobody up in Washington DC wants to do anything. Everything is collect a check and blame everybody else for collecting a check don’t hate but keep collecting the check.

As so goes our summer after going to the beach for two days.

Right now, we are working hard to try to see about getting another car. I have that in “the Can”. I also am planning on taking all of my tests finally did to it fits myself in my job.

Decorating is another issue. How so? Maybe a new couch definitely some bookcases.

This is kind of a sad type of year. But it demands creativity and demands the ability to go on after making decisions that I should never should’ve made. I can discuss that when I have courage one day to discuss it.

Know what? I saved my comment to others crazy people who are discussing the changes at John Paul the second Institute.

I’ll print it another time.

Here it is the end of the summer and we are overflowing with books.


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