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I have to say this. I always wonder why people don’t go to church? But then I had a long thought about what I can’t do in church or in my faith anymore. That happened last night. Here’s what happened…

This is my favorite photo of me taken six years ago at YEHAW Junction in the middle of the state on the way home from visiting a friend on the other side of the state . Warning: anytime you see this picture of me on this BLOG, you are going to hear what’s really going on….
I firmly believe this is one kick butt photo.

It was late Last night, Sunday night. I just looked up to heaven and I said I can’t do it anymore. I can’t make any of those church people happy ever. I can’t walk and talk like the old ladies in church and I’m never going to do it and don’t even ask me to. You can’t sit around peg in a square hole.

Folks, I can’t do it anymore. I can’t look and walk talk and think like those church people want me to do so.

I can’t kiss up and be nice because there’s just no way they’ll be happy with anything that I do anyway, so why am I gonna bother? Anything that I write is going to be on the bad booklist , according to them. They don’t read anyway so why am I worried about that? Wouldn’t know what they read if I asked them what they read!

I can’t be like everybody else says that I should be. Not only that, I’m not good at being bossed around by micromanaging Pinchy butt church people. They can’t even manage their own life look at the president they got.

What am I talking about?

Well according to some of them I will not name, I should have at least 5 to 7 children , look like a total frump , be a soft-spoken wimpy, wear long dresses, have my hair up, talk exactly like some Pinchy but would like me to speak, and never have a creative thread in my head that is mine. AcCording to them, I have to do everything a certain way. I have to be insecure never have a degree, work as a shop clerk, get a paystub,always have a paycheck from someone else, and be a suck up and never have an original thought in my head. Airheads!!! What does that mean that means that I highly doubt they have an absolute real thought in their head also because they think they don’t matter and they think that they have to do everything the standard way and never have anything to rock the boat because that’s not nice and we can’t be anything like that —can we?

I’ll give the new president of my Alma Mater credit for one thing. He had a homily or sermon years ago about 12 years ago that made fun of a person like that — call them Mrs. God. She doesn’t have a drivers license says God on it but she think she is God. He insinuated that she belongs in the psych ward. Don’t get me started.

What is really going on is this : my disillusionment with those in church micromanage everyone else when they look walk talk act think awful is real.

One more important thing faith goes beyond all of this and acting a certain way period.

It’s just come to this I am so tired of a season of where I think these people are pushing people to act a certain way also. You can’t fight the truth in some of these people need to take responsibility and come up with something more creative than the dry boring stuff that they have been coming up with so far. Furthermore, a lot of people in my parish want me to join the women’s guild. That is the most boring suggestion I have ever had in my entire life , period. You wanna hear more people? They meet during the day when normal women work period and they do crafts, period. I highly doubt if there is a single college educated professional woman in the entire group period I cannot relate to them. It’s the most alienating feeling in the entire planet period.

I’m 56 now. I look younger than I do period they ask me why I don’t have children period but it didn’t happen and it’s not going to happen and I don’t give a S if it didn’t happen period you are not in charge Mrs church lady period. Stay away from me Mrs pro-life committee because your micromanaging is never going to result in what you want with me. I’ve never been on either side and don’t ask me to do sell period I would result have paid a decent price for not having children as well take it up with God if you don’t get what you want. I highly doubt if you know how to call God because he according to you is not good enough or you are not good enough to talk to Him.

Yes, I’m in a bad mood and you don’t need to be near me. Take that sentence in cheek period.

I’ve been taught something following:

  1. Make as much money as you can and don’t be apologetic for it period.
  2. Make more money than a man period.
  3. Get as much education as you can period.
  4. Be as creative as Asterix sign.
  5. Talk like you know what the hell you’re talking about period. If you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about do some research about the subject you’re about to speak on.
  6. Don’t look like walk like talk like think like an old lady from the 1950s. Furthermore, don’t look like Marilyn Monroe from the 60s.
  7. Science is king global warming is real don’tvote for people who deny it.
  8. Wear high heels when ever you can or designer shoes when ever the hell you can that look like you have your crap together. Never ever ever ever ever wear a bulky ankle tennis shoes with tic socks to church.
  9. Women need learn and do you know how to fix cars want to change the tire and know how to do it also, know how to change your own oil.
  10. If you are a dingbat and act like apologetically you deserve whenever the F you get. Don’t be sorry for a dam thing you do except for stuff that you should be sorry for period. In other words, don’t be a damn suck up just because you’re scared they don’t like you.
  11. Never just be nice be the true self that you are. People who are insecure and stand at the back of church, get whatever the F they got coming to them. And those women deserve what they got coming to that period don’tget them out of the way of the train if they have come and see them let them get run over.
  12. if you don’t like this list, throw my sorry ass out of the church because more than likely, you don’t have the authority to do so.
  13. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever accept discrimination in or and for any reason whatsoever period. Never take less money than you deserve. And make those who discriminate pay for what they did to you and to others period justice is hell but it needs to come very swiftly and quickly. It’s not Christian to discriminate.
  14. Not to do this list with me to accept a dignity that is beneath you period everyone has a dignity period but it is your responsibility to accept this list and move and act within the confines of this list period. not to do this list with mean to accept a dignity that is beneath you period everyone has a dignity period. It is your responsibility to accept this list and move and act within the confines of this list period.
  15. Please have a deep thought in your head. Go go to the dictionary and look up the word deep period . Then, look up the word thought. Put the two words together and act on it.
  16. The Internet is universal and not everything on the Internet is true period. Have a brain in your head to know which is the difference period. Please know how to research on the Internet so we do not hear it after here stupid things. Please go to the dictionary and look up the word research period. Know how to do this period.
  17. Please know how to use a computer period look up the word in the dictionary or go to a manual and find out how to do this period.
  18. Please stop being apologetic about moving in this world period do you not like be like an exfriend of mine who says oh dear 60 times a day period. Please wash your hair period please do not be overweight period. Please fix yourself up for work and stop being insecure in your mannerisms at work period.
  19. Please be competent in what you do every day period. You cannot be competent in what you do every day please find out how to be competent in what you do every day.
  20. Please know how to have an intelligent compass conversation period. Stay away from those who do not know how to do so.

Why did I do this? Because I get and got tired of an educated people period. True, I can be nice to everyone but as far as a real friend is concerned, I need this kind of people who do the above in the above list as a friend period. Is an educated woman, I am very used to having people who have expertise on something period I am also used to someone and many people who have known over the years who know how to write period.

One more thing, I talk to my iPhone when I write this period. Not everything here will be top-notch. It’s not an academic journal period. Please take it in the context of what it is period. If you are an uneducated person and only have high school, go look up every single word. I will not do it for you and I will not teach you how to look up something period.

Once again, I have had enough of lazy uneducated people who want my life but don’t wanna go through the hurdles to get what I have period.

Do you really wanna know what started this? I was sitting there on a Sunday afternoon after a client meeting, and I said to myself I wonder how those other people would’ve handled this? We had one of our customers texting me when I was in church period. I help my husband run his lap practice right now until I can get a seat or a state of Florida education test. I’m adding about two or three areas that I can teach in a few months. I have a Masters degree in education and hopefully one day I’ll have a PhD in English.

I can’t do it any more period I can’t be legalistic like some of these people over the years would want me to period it would mean that I have to settle for a less brand of me.

I think I’ll just be myself period if that irritates a whole lot of other people, let it. They’re not happy with themselves anyway because there are other people tell them what to do period.

Got that



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