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It’s official we are moving in a week. Where ? We are still trying to figure that out some thoughts on this… 

I have been losing sleep for the last month.

You see that dog in that couch on that picture above? Remember that hole in the bathroom when we left the dog in the bathroom because he escapes so easily? I swear he did it he’s the reason we are probably moving. And when we are out of here I am going to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the powers that be around here. Yes Virginia, I’m going to give a review about the apartment complex we live in. My journalist brain just kicked in and it showed up and is sitting there waiting for the smoke to clear. 

So, I have been stressed out for a month and I’m just now willing to admit it on social media. But look at the picture I am almost packed there is another pile of bins in my dining room I am almost there this weekend I will be totally packed and ready for the PODS storage unit to roll up in our front driveway.

Consider it true that I’ve had enough and cannot wait till the holidays when I’m sitting on the beach and can forget about all this.

Tell you what, I always wonder if everyone else could survive when I’m living through right now. My courage to admit all of this right now comes during this whirlwind of an event that is a week away, period.

A side note, when I say anything to my iPhone like I’m doing now not every word prints and not everything I say gets dictated on this blog.

Had this not have happened, I would’ve settled in too much here. I know this for sure. 

I just want this over with so we can get on with the holidays and on with other things like me finishing my writing and finishing all my exams for the next school year and be done with this. Once I do that, I’ll be earning some serious money that my masters degree has entitled me to receive. 

Don’t even talk to me about what it’s like to look for an apartment in Florida period it’s $1000 a month now to rent in a one-bedroom apartment on the West Coast of Florida period . Gone gone are the days when it was cheap.

Meanwhile, my Beagle dog is sleeping on the couch snoring away totally oblivious to how his humans are dealing with the stress of this move.

Funny, after this next move the move after that I know it’s going to happen period.

We have over a dozen legal clients that we still have to manage during this move and it’s trying to balance everything during it.

And I’m shocked right this moment that I’m having the courage to talk about it here. Not to mention how I’ve survive so far . I think sometimes you can surprise yourself how you survive everything and it’s not a horror story of Halloween. Or is it?

Forget the scary movie and dressing up and all of that Halloween stuff real life can give you a headache and other stuff. To me, it’s more terrifying!

Take the last episode of looking for an apartment you ask them what the criteria is for renting they say it “looks like you have everything.” Patronizing a little suck up snobs that are not allowed to go to the lawyer Christmas party in December with us. I am going to remind them every damn second of that one added the fact that I know somehow someway I’m getting money next year. And when I do, I’m gonna put their face in it in a verbal way. And the debt that they see on my report, it’s mine along with that degree that comes with it. Go suck some eggs and remember that. I’m not sorry for writing this I just make sure you understand that I have had to turn down positions because of all that’s going on and dealing with what I’m dealing with right now. 

But then you tell yourself better double check on everything because $1000 a month to rent a tiny little space when their price gouging you to the point of no return, is awful. It’s just not worth it. You heard it here first folks, I swear to God when I have money again I’m going to put it in their face I’m not gonna say where that was but I’m gonna put it in their face! God is my witness that was the biggest mistake that ever did was telling us no because they didn’t like one thing or another that we had or didn’t have.

Actually people, we went to look at a tiny tiny one bedroom and just put some application money down and they came back to us saying that oh when your father-in-law died you had to get out really quick without telling them so they slapped us with something nasty and that was over 7 1/2 years ago when they can’t collect so, we don’t want you. meanwhile we have 3K a month and the apartment is still empty. There are a lot of apartments that are still empty in that complex. One if I remember correctly , last Friday, had a window smashed in.

I do not regret having my dad and I do not regret getting my Masters degree it’s my queen of the one ups so to speak, and it allows me to have more opportunities in many ways many other people do not. It shows people I’m not a dumbass. 

And a sidenote, to tell you the truth, there are programs where they don’t pay you as much to be a teacher but then the program the federal title I program they pay off the student loan if you teach special needs children. It’s part of the pay program that they have. You can either take somewhat of a pay cut and have your loans paid off automatically by serving a certain amount of time working in a particular area, or you could just take the pay and still have the loans. 

If I get through the next five days it will be a miracle and I will have my glass of wine and you will understand what it’s really like to live here and try not to be price gouged to keep a roof over your head. 

Stay tuned! Honest to God, I think the clergy are totally oblivious to what real life really is. They may disagree with me but I think since they always have a roof over their head they don’t understand what it’s like to be out here dealing with it. We’re not homeless we still have money I’m still working for so is my husband, but I’m just tired of it all I just want to get to the holidays and my husband‘s law school Christmas party. Or save that one and anything I would spend for it to go to the beach for a long weekend that’s way over the top deserved by us. I also want a new to us car that doesn’t die on us. either way, I’m going to celebrate. That Sebring convertible car has caused us so much trouble is gone or fixed.. 

It just comes a point where you say to yourself and you look at the person who’s causing you all the pain do you get $1 million for doing this? Yesterday, I looked at the leasing office and I said to myself they still drive the same dumb trucks the same dumpy cars and they’re numb to humanity. I know they didn’t get a raise to do what they did and I really don’t care anymore because I won’t be paying them anymore. 

Then I said to myself I know damn well that I can find something cheaper than the $1100 a month that I pay here.

And then I looked at my masters degree and understood that I’m not a dumbass and that yes, I can pay for all of this if I work my butt off. And then I looked up and realize it’s a combination of divine grace and working my butt off. At least I’ll be able to fit in those skinny pants after I work my butt off.

I’m just so tired of this car thing and not being able to get around I knew it was going to happen I should’ve bought a car but the thought of paying for a car and getting gouged and all of that just drove me to crazy .

Yeah, stay tuned well I still have the courage to talk about it. Today we are going to see two apartments and meet with a client that’s all I’m gonna say about that. 

Yeah, stay tuned. I am more courageous now because of what happened the other day at the World Series with everybody booed Trump.

Stay tuned. 



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