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A Sunday a tale of a toilet flood getting fixed, and other mild advent irritations tales.

It happened last night about 11 o’clock. I started seeing water drizzling down my hall from the bathroom. and trust me, there is no justice of a picture that would’ve made it clear to you what it look like.

We had a mild little small flood out of the toilet. I guess this is our first adventure in our new place here in Clearwater.

But see you’re not, I called the landlady and she had the plumber come out and fix it.

Grand saved after a couple text messages out to the other end of the next county over.


In other news, if you all are wondering what that Latin mess was all about it’s something I get upset about is that these people who are overscrupulous drive me nuts. So? These people is far is I’m concerned drive everybody else nuts. They’re cut like and they believe they’re the only ones going to heaven because they’re speaking Latin at Mass.

Why did I really do what I did? Here’s why: most of them do not read scripture every day even more so, they do not read the Gospel for the day especially on a Sunday because that’s evil and I can’t be bothered with it. And I love the Latin mass so much that they don’t even know what it says in Scripture.

So I gave them a challenge translate that of what it says for the scripture and John the Baptist did what? I’m not telling anybody unless those Latin masters read my blog, and translate the scripture that’s there..

Oh yeah, I blogged about this while I was at mass — very quickly.

And what are you gonna do about it? You can’t do you have no authority to do anything about what I did.

Good luck on that one , got that?



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