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Hey readers I know I’ve been going on and on about this political stuff but it makes me shudder to think that evil looks like it’s winning , but I know better. Let them hang themselves! 

This is about the last I’m going to talk about it until after the election is over . If you’re with if you’re one of them and you like them and you going to be stupid, and you going to be for Trump, I can ignore you or I can try to interact with you and it will not go well for you . I’m not smiling but if there is a pier and I will give you a life jacket & push you off . Remember I gave you a life jacket time to swim.

Hey Feds drop them off somewhere tell him to follow the yellow line take yourself a big sure they have socks and shoes and say walk home. See them whine . Laugh at them whining .

Oh yeah don’t worry authorities I don’t believe in guns I don’t see the need for it it’s not my thing my method is when I get my car, and drop them off in the middle of nowhere . See if they can survive it . They’ll be dropped off somewhere told to get the hell out of someone’s car in the middle of the state in the country. Make them walk for days.

Meanwhile, I’ll be sitting doing my work working even going to work coming home eating dinner —- go-ahead do it. I’ll just be part of the suggestion. To the anybody with Christianity on their colour, it’s not like a charity this is building character

I never say anything directly to you are but I will say this some of them are terrorists themselves. Let them go overboard they’ll will hang themselves. I just recently read Pope John Paul II say something about evil it will implode on itself because they’re so selfish that they’re all trying to get one for themselves and eventually in that structure, it only fights until everybody is dead or poor . I’m not going to be one of them.

I wanna say something directly to Wall Street all that fighting for money you cannot take it with you having your time? Remember you can’t take it with you and many of you are very superficial.

I shudder when I think that I know right from wrong and this man is president?

If you support him, you should be taking in a van , dropped off at a type of travelling retreat and see if you can get home. This will be a test of character because they don’t have it there is no morality with a lot of them. 

I willing to bet something trivial that they cannot and they will kick each other in the ass on the way home. Member do not let them have their cell phones do not let them have their money make sure they have shoes that merciful but drop them off somewhere in the middle of nowhere and see them get home.

Oh yeah, make sure you drop them off someplace really far in the middle of serious nowhere without their phone tell their family you’re going to do it make it a survival game = survivors ready!

Don’t worry about me I’m not gonna be the one doing it but I’m suggesting somebody out there: go-ahead! Make our day!

Yeah, go-ahead drop some of them off somewhere that the authorities know what you’re going to do make it harmless but make them understand we’re not going to take any more shit.

Where is the clicker to the TV I’m going to watch? !

I am suggesting that you do it not that you will go ahead


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