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I rarely comment about work issues but I can’t hold back on this one. My boss is probably would be laughing that I’m commenting on this about a local teacher who left to work for a political candidate for president. Thoughts on this.

I was almost not gonna do this. But after getting the last harassing call from the Mike Bloomberg camp, those millionaire people and their money who think that they own you because they can call you over and over and over again and over and over and over again—- I know a teacher who left midyear in violation of our contract to work for them.

There! I said it here on a blog that I have rights rights to.

I’m not really gonna come in about her I’m gonna, about the kids that she left mid year. Put a comment of what I know is wrong to do = you make a commitment to teach children and then leave for an $80 K a year job with Bloomberg!

Think about it people do you really wanna vote for this man? This is a billionaire & he doesn’t care about you.

Yeah I’m not naming any names you don’t know who this person is I do so legally they can’t get me for anything because I’m not naming names. I wish I could.

This person a lady left a job training gifted kids. This person was in a teacher training class with me and I just finished last night well I’m about to finish this training my county sent me to. it was a tiny bit late but it wasn’t as bad as this leaving a whole six or seven periods of children they committed to teach.

Sometimes you get the big perspective on things. They can say what they want to say but when you finish something somebody else does not I can smile .

I’m going to end it on this the only thing I have to do to extremely finish this training class is present the presentation I finished last night and pass the 10 question exam. Then it’s for more classes and I have my Florida endorsement for the gifted.

Yeah, I rarely say anything about work but this has to be said. I didn’t even the names but I have to say this so wish me well.

Sure the hell better than hearing about the coronavirus.

For the record yesterday a group of elementary students were cheering me on to get this done so I kept thinking about them and how committed I was in the long term to get this class done it was not easy because I took a nap when I got home from work last night period it took me 2 cups of coffee to wake up and get this done before midnight which I did not get it done before midnight but it was slightly a few minutes after .


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