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I have to tell you what’s been going on with me during this coronavirus nightmare. Not sure you want to hear it but here it is anyway. 

My husband Scott the lawyer has diabetes. I teach part time in the local school system, well studying for a few extra exams to enable me to teach next year in different different areas.

And during this emergency I haven’t said very much because I’ve had a cold and I’ve pretty much lost my voice since last week. No I did not have the coronavirus because I no longer have a fever and I barely have a cough .

Last week my husband was in the hospital due to the diabetes nightmare in another foot situation that needed to be looked at. So onward with more antibiotics at home which they trained me to do.

So needless to say everything in the FLA has pretty much stopped to almost a dead stop. School here is out next week due to spring break. Who do you know for timing?

So I’m sitting here blogging to you or talking to you all while my phone charges up and I run out to go get more stuff at Walmart.

I’m dreading this run. I haven’t been out in 3 to 4 days because I’ve been sick with a bad cold and I am going to take pictures of the blank shelves. 

So, as I say to my husband I’m off to the races after I get cleaned up and run out the door and my ride ride comes. 


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.