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Now that my husband and I are in semi quarantine, the only thing I have to do is study, fix my desk and do five loads of wash! 

Take a look at the pictures folks!

It’s already 10:27 am I got up late but I’m not going to be more than that fact because technically, I’m on spring break from my local school district. We were supposed to go back next’s already Thursday —- nothing is done. I’m almost out of cheap Florida Made Bustelo coffee. That stuff is only about 2 to $3 a vacuum packed bag. Do you want something to wake you up in the morning? Try that stuff. You will thank me for it!

I haven’t had it in over two weeks, because I was drinking chai lattes. So, maybe that’s why nothing got done.

Getting real here: I don’t know what to say but because we no longer have a car, and my husband was in the hospital for a week and a half with diabetes related issues,and because he is under IV antibiotics right now, we are not going out anywhere unless we absolutely need to do so!

What’s really going on with me people is this. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that our health care system and government didn’t stop this virus to begin with weeks ago period I’m used to getting all kinds of stuff because I work with children and children are germ factories. I’m used to taking lots of precautions. colds are part of the job but we have a better immunity, maybe?

Anyhow, I’ll take a picture of the after after its all done today.

Honestly, I’m walking around in a serious fog and I’m just getting back into a very regimented schedule that includes some kind of devotional prayer and waking up in a vigilant way. I know, whatever that means but I’m back on a regular schedule of sorts.

Sending everyone who reads this a cyber hug because we’re all in this together. Just to mention that today is the technical first day of Spring!

So, even though they’ve closed the beaches around here in anything fun that we could’ve done during the spring break of that of a pandemic, we’re going to try to be optimistic.

Oh yeah before I forget, I am saying hello to all our would-be friends in Italy and France who are still under lockdown. If you do not have any work to do while you are working at home, go on YouTube and watch Bugs Bunny or Pink Panther .

Ha ha ha !!!!!!


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