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It’s official 1 million people in the USA have the coronavirus . About 64K have died from this virus – more people than who have died from the Vietnam war!!! Also my thoughts on the whole dang thing.

I do not know more than one person who has died from this awful virus! I live in Florida& we’re pretty far removed from everything .

But I did notice a few things other than staying home and studying.people wear masks people work gloves everything is closed.

Fine with me that it’s like a hurricane with no bad weather.

Folks, I’m not selfish I’m just very removed from a lot of situations.

But the closest I’ve come to this whole thing besides staying home and wearing a mask, has been being furloughed as a sub teacher until the next school year. Fine with me I can study for my test and actually maybe get hired full full time . The state of Florida made all teacher testing completely free!!

Guess what I’m doing until July 30 at 6:30? Guess what I’m doing until July 30 at 6:30? STUDYING!!

I seriously do not know anyone close to me that has died from this virus or has been sick from this virus.there have been only 1000 cases in Pinellas County Florida. So, unless they’re not talking or not tested I haven’t known anyone that had it.

Amazing? Right!Amazing? Right!

Who knows maybe I’ve had it I have not been tested.

Back about March 5 sixth fourth or second I was sick but I did not get testedI was sick but I did not get tested. Had 101F fever lasted about two days, 2 1/2 days was achy and I had a cold with sinus crap coming out of my nose . Folks, I’m 56 years old I did not have any trouble breathing.but then again, I don’t smoke. I never dead that’s kind of stupid if you doI do remember that I eat a lot of chicken soup and I got sick of soup. .

My husband has diabetes issues and had an IV line in his arm recently so last week he went to the hospital overnight and had it removed.because of covet I could not even visit himMy husband has diabetes issues and had an IV line in his arm recently so last week he went to the hospital overnight and had it removed.

Due to the virus, I could not even visit him. We took a cab to the hospital for him to get his procedure. I had to think quick because our trip there was almost last minute and I gave him my phone and I had to use his phone which was still at the house .

I was thrilled when he came home the next day with those thing hanging out of his arm.

Last check by the home nurse that comes here and does wound care, it’s healing and closing up finally.

He has an issue with a diabetic sore on his foot and they’re trying to treat it with antibiotics. so he is really good around on a knee scooter for the last month.

I have dreamed about this for years upon years longer than most of you all I’ve been alive. What have I dreamed of? Staying home is wonderful! I’m helping my husband with the end of the year of his clients. I’m studying! Or starting to! I’m gonna take about a half a month and finish the rest of this book that I have the writing for the last 10 yearsI’m studying! Or starting to!

I will be very honest and forthright here: we are very far removed from the New York nightmare. I still have very good friends up there and I hope they’re still alive and a few of them emailed me on Facebook so I know they’re still kicking .

I’m gonna say it again there’s like only 2000 people on the Florida West Coast that have had this . Even more so, there was a elderly home that had a lot of cases and they removed them dock so that’s about the closest I’ve come to anything of this virus. I live in Clearwater. Look on the map. Look in Seminole, Florida , not seminal County Florida. Clue it’s just north of Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Yes, I’ve been staying home I’ve got into quite a routine which is kind of nice…And eventually every couple days I change the routine and I am going into a phase where I’m going to be doing a serious amount of cleaning and re-organizing.

My sympathy and heart goes out to any of you who knows someone that was touched by this virus . Culturally we don’t kiss or hug or touch each other other than close family. So so that might be a real reason why this virus has not touched us. We are not Latino or Spanish or anything like that. They hand Italians are all touchy touchy touchy.that’s how you get viruses .

Being honest, I do care I just don’t honestly know anybody personally that was touched by this virus other than maybe one priest in our diocese that I need in a distant way. He was 81.

OK, I’m not supposed to say they’re supposed to talk , but spec given the fact that we have an Air Force Base, might have something also to do with this too! I can’t say anymore but I think that they’ve prepared us or something like that.

Stay tune for further to see how I do this pandemic . Might even share how I’m studying what is big hole but test in July .

Stay tuned.




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