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Warning to all non-Florida residents taking car trips southbound to Florida on I 95: they’re going to stop you at the State line & tell you to quarantine. Also, here are my real thoughts on useless over churchy women. We should charge them every time we think about them or do what they say.

Seriously, they were stopping people at The Florida state line this weekend! I am told this was a preventative measure against COVID-19 ! t

This was one time I don’t have pictures of this because I was driving and trying to get over to two lanes of traffic while we were driving around North East Florida this weekend.

And not only that, I was going like 65 miles an hour and I was unable to take a picture of what I saw on the other side of the road of all the people going southbound. All the Florida Highway Patrol and other law people with the lights on were stopping everybody before they got to the Florida State line or right after the Florida State line.

It’s the only time I ever almost saw my husband near grabbing the rental car steering wheel while we were headed northbound on I-95. I was driving this weekend & he was relaxing in the passenger car at front. Moments later, the dog who was tethered to the back seat with a long leash put his paws between the two bucket seats and started barking. More seconds later, my husband told me to turn off the last exit before was the state line. I did and I’m glad I did.

Why did we want to go north? It was our 22nd anniversary.and we had not been legally north or outside the state of Florida since 2013. Last out of Florida was going to the Bahamas in 2013 on a cruise.

So as I was turning and going around the exit round off, I was rolling my eyes and going better luck next time. We knew we would have to come back in there is no way that we wanted to wait on that stupid line.

Yeah, better luck next time. Then I had to go to Amelia Island because we wanted to drive around, that’s what we do as a couple. We love crazy adventures. I love crazy adventures- better than sitting in the house watching Roku on our anniversary growing old and looking old. .

And my churchy mantra throughout this whole 400 mile 600 mile trip was this: if the church people harpies will not do this —-that’s why we are doing this.

I can hear the church Susies going on and onnnn and then going and saying scrupulously that we wasted money. There will always be the Harpies Who are secretly divorced and demanding that I do everything “correctly” to satisfy them because they are the ones who want to tell me what to do without a licensed God card. They lost that card and never had it. They secretly don’t want you to know that. We need to call them out on it asap.

They try to tell everyone what to do in a serious malicious patronising way. Oh how insecure they are! Oh yeah, let’s not forget how they say it to you in a sing song voice.

Tell you what, I can legitimately say that I did their way and now I want money —-lots of money from maliciously doing it so I could say I did it their way. My payback for these malicious pieces of garbage trying to tell everyone else and myself what to do. What, I think everybody should just hit them up $1000 a pop for every time you think about doing it oryou do it in a matter that would amount to what they say. Honestly, mousey frumpy and no one was to even see them into their church doors. Face it people, These people are not even satisfied with how they do anything correctly.these are the people that even though you do use a line lever to fix the picture the line lever is crocked. Every picture is crooked. They know they are crooked inside and have mental and emotional issues so they do this to get it out and make everybody else miserable.

To people who don’t go to church on a regular basis, listen up: The normal people trying to make do and be good and be kind to others in church —- we seriously hate them. Better put, we would like to take them at the door of the church string him up by their toenails & teach them a lesson. Call us when you need us because we will be there giving those other people wrong directions how to get back into church !

Since this virus has begun back in March, she is the number one bitch in her local diocese to complain that there is no mass and every single Bishop and clerical person is going to hell in a hand basket because she is backbiting and critical of everyone in the church including the Pope. There is no one going to heaven but her.

I can hear the church harpies now because as part of the store we went right by the cathedral of Saint Augustine.there is no way in hell or heaven I was going to park downtown saying because it’s $30 for two hours to park there. Residents in that city all have parking passes. Yeah, the cathedral was open for personal prayer and no Mass but I had a dog with me. He is a very loud beagle and he will in bark the living crap out of you if you had to hold him pulling your armpulling your arm outside the church because one of us will have to take turns outside the church. Why & how? Mrs Harpy. Would want one of us to selfishly go inside and make everybody else wait outside. This would be a forced martyrdom , just so you can get your prayer Frannie on and tell everyone about it. Oh yeah, Mrs God who is better than you church show off would you nothing but criticise her husband as to why he is stuck doing something she gave him to do. Nothing is good enough. And yes, he would be going to hell because she is always better than him and critical . She will be criticising him all the way back to the car which they paid $30 on a high interest credit card to park their car right outside the cathedral while she can get her holy on . In my case , my husband has a knee scooter because he has a diabetic foot word and the bitch will be criticising why isn’t it healing fast enough.?

No way was I going to be like her ! I didn’t even breathe but she would breathe!

Honest to God, it’s time to burn bitch witches like that at the stake outside churches everywhere. Or charge them for every time you thought about doing what they wanted you to do..

Time to get expensive make a accounting chart and give her the bill people! Make her go bankrupt —she is already.

I chose not to do Mrs bitch . The God wanted me to do and I kept on driving even though I got in the wrong lane and ended up having to turn around a mile down the road to go the other way north bound. And contrary to her, there was no fight in the car as I stopped for five seconds in the holy acre at Saint Augustine to wave. I can hear Mrs Freddie God loser now, Please stop get out. Me: “ no dogs allowed to walk around and sightsee” but I had our Beagle with us so that was not going to happen .

Oh, there was peace in the car without Mrs B. We kept on driving up to Nassau County because it had been years since we’ve been there my husband and I. It is near the Florida Georgia Line.

Please tell Mrs the scrupulous bitch Whiney harpy witch: I am not making a sacrifice to evil your satisfaction .

You might want to say Nana NANA boo-boo this is Jeanne Me is married 22 years! Trust me, most of those women are either single or divorced several times. They are the losers . Stay away from me if you’d do this !

If any if you find any version of her out there send her to me.

Maybe I’ll maybe I will maybe I won’t maybe I need to drop her off at the Covid ward so she can get the virus. And hear this: I am almost not kidding about that.

Or maybe I’ll go to the store and just buy some earplugs. That way, I could keep on driving around Florida and enjoy the scenery .

One more thing, sorry I don’t have any pictures when I’m driving it’s very hard for my husband to take the camera and use it because the phone was charging and well until I get a camera in another car, that’s about how it’s going to be.

This is personal people.I just made a resolution in the next me a marriage year just stay far away from negative people like what I described .



I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous smart Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married for 24 years. I have been writing professionally since 1978.