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Tropical storm Cristobal is in the Yucatán peninsula down in Mexico in the Gulf of Mexico. Past slingshot affect history says we’re going to get some of this. But where is it going to go? See here. Also making comments about slang lingo and how we talk about hurricanes in Florida.

When you get here, I hope you speak English & .Spanish is also spoken. There are some Portuguese Brazilian people here. But pay attention! We speak a slang Lingo when it comes to hurricanes.

Category of hurricane. In slang Lingo is cat, which is short for category. It says when we say this we are out talking about an actual category as short for cat we say cat one, cat two, cat three, and cat 4. What do cats say when they talk? MEOW! This is what it sounds like in English.

So, cat one through four or even five, which is short for category, can also be choked as a joke meow mix one through five. Also Meow mix one to five when talking about how bad the Hurricane or Tropical storm is.

Then when you look at the map, you see these lines that look like pasta. Italians over in Italy and the Vatican could laugh all they want about this, but this is what we call it take a look at the squiggly line they’re colored and usually the weatherman in tv is talking about where it’s going.

We don’t mean pasta for eating either that is not food & we are choking joking that what it looks like in the end of one line is where it’s going to go to the end of the other line.

We think of things very differently in our culture because of geography and where we live.

I am reminded that about five years ago or so, there was a family that came from Nebraska& it was obvious that When it was a hot night they stuck their feet in a Disney world lake “to get cool.” How naive. We don’t do dat.

I have lived here for a half a century, & that’s something you don’t do at night —— EVER. Their youngest son was pulled in the water by a gator. Don’t let children near a lake at night when it’s dark in the water ever to get cool . We’re very conscious about things like that. We are even cautious about boat rides in the daytime. You always have to have a plan and that usually means keeping away from the lake during certain times.

Hurricanes, alligators, and heat and being cautious around the heat is part of living here. It’s how we roll and don’t !

Stay hydrated my friends! Have a plan when the storm might come in about a week from now..

Oh yeah, I think you know now why we stay away from lakes.

Don’t let the gators eat you. Have gator stew eat it before it eats you ! There’s also gator jerky my dog loves it. It has not eaten him.

Got that?


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