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Welcome to the pandemic COVID-19 Independence Day weekend – this is the place where my Brandon, Florida (near Tampa, FL) hometown cancelled the parade. #IWillSurvive my thoughts on this and what I really did.

There was a lot of fireworks last night in our street near downtown Clearwater, Florida. Our nine-year-old beagle Alfie was hiding .

In short, I had my wine, my sangria, my steak cooked on an electric grill inside.oh, by the way I have a Cuisinart electric grill. We had some French fries and watch the HBO movie series John Adams for the 4th of July.

It was way more uneventful without cause to really celebrate due to the pandemic of COVID-19.but, I managed to do so well above what you people would really think as a celebration. Sometimes you must do stuff that makes you happy inside , I managed to do so well above what you people would really think as a celebration.

I no longer watch Independence Day. It’s a negative portrayal of what UFO and aliens are really like. I won’t discuss that here. I still say it’s a lot of crap propaganda. I really seriously believe they want people to turn others to think that humans are above anything anyone that’s out there. They want us to make everyone think that we are more superior than everybody else out there. Example: think of what they did to the slaves, the Indians and people who do not look pale in the mirror. Question: are you really sure that they want to dominate you? Makes for a good movie but let’s think about this a little bit before we look at the movie. Mankind is not superior and they’ve been around a lot longer than we have.

In the thick of it all in the middle of it all between sips of sangria, I came up with the idea that I personally have gone away from the roots of which I started when I graduated college and before I went into college.

That is about to change very quickly.I’m already on Weight Watchers and I’ve lost about 8 lbs.

Changes are being made around here.

I think everybody goes through this sometimes.I’m not going to say what’s really going on just now maybe someday I will.

Admit it. We all go through a time where somebody is going to finally say they’re sick of people coming at them they’re sick of the garbage that people do to them. And this garbage and how you deal with it — I think it’s the heart of Independence Day at its heart. It’s always going to be there folks. Some people are mean & they do mean things. You can think of things how you want to get back at them. You come to the conclusion that not everyone is like this but they have tendencies.

The best revenge grandma always said is living well. Go beyond and do what the rednecks will not do and do not have the capacity to really even understand why you do it. Who are the rednecks? In my definition or the definition I will give, rednecks are people who do not think & that they do not have the mind to think .

I’m not gonna go on here about the rednecks but wait till the next entry. I’m not gonna go on a rant.

I’ll despise and define my definition of what redneck type people are in my next entry in this BLOG.

I promise.I’m going to define what I know and see as redneck culture in one paragraph.I promise. Go to the next entry in this blog.




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