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Tomorrow is my birthday, so have coffee with me right now and listen.. I’m going to say a few things in this blog this morning so read it.

I’m staying positive lately & it’s not an easy thing. It’s the 25th of July and I have one more day in my 56th year. I am looking forward to 57 = hopefully, my finest year.

Said flat out = good morning, the assassins have failed. I’m still here. Nice try. Your evil plan has failed. I am here next year too. I drink wine and I know things.

I’m doing a big bad arm pump on that one and laughing my ass off .

Trust me, we get through Covid stronger ! Trump can’t be with us forever. I was a journalist for 20 years and I know the news does go away if you sit there long enough and watch it. There are reasons why I plan for the worst case scenario.

Journalism was a good 20 year run. But I had other items on my list that I wanted to get done in my life.

Let’s talk, dear world . Yeah I know you’ll have that Covid thing out there but in your own little circle, can you honestly say that you’re obligated for all that negativity? I seriously have a big struggle with having been influenced by all of those religious Karens. I’ve had to literally retrain myself to get beyond being obligated to follow their straw demands. I’m tempted to let them run around in circles, yet they do that by themselves to their own demise.

I would tell you to sit down and read this carefully. I have an education I’m not that entitled but I do not have to be obligated for anybody who says that I have to be obligated to do it in a negative way. and I’ll be very honest and frank with you = the last six years have been the toughest for me. I felt like I’ve had to be obligated to be poor and limited and having to do something a certain way.

I know there’s a lot of poor and hurting people today. I’m talking about evictions and being limited in your education. Believe it or not, I have been there in the late 80s and 90s. It hurts at first, you get through it, you feel like no one cares, and you grow because they don’t remember it and they’re more concerned about their own selves. I would hate to be the people at the very top because they are the ones that are the most responsible and you’re going to have to pay the bill one day. They are going to have to stand before the Almighty one day because they hurt you .

Also, the one thing I did learn from the whole tough financial situation in my 20s and 30s was to be more prepared.

People, I learned I’m one tough cookie. I know in my heart I could do a little better during the coronavirus. How? The one nagging thing that bothers me the most is that I didn’t make time to actually edit and finish this writing project I’ve been working on for the last 10 years .

I had a pretty good year this last year. I got to teach full-time and cover for someone’s elementary class for maternity leave. During all this, we had to move out of a very nice apartment due to the fact that my dog clawed his way in the bathroom. About killed myself during the move. I guess you learned how strong you when you have to do some thing. Got up every morning and rode on the bus during the holiday season.

We still have yet to purchase a car. No way do I want a car payment right now during these tough economic times! I’m glad we did not during these tough economic times…Really now, sometimes you need to say when . There’s also times where you get in a circle of negativity and think you’re obligated to the whirlpool of depression.

Yeah, forget that crap.

I am me. I may not be much but what you see is what you get in a little bit more. We can move beyond this. But you better pay me for what I’m worth!

I know you all have your stuff too.

That nagging stuff that you put in front of yourself every year and say I’m going to get it done.

I think I’ve learned that things don’t go as fast as you want them.

I also noticed they keep plugging away eventually things will go away and hands of time will move, and things will progress.

One final lesson? I have the courage to say this because it comes directly from me and read it straight.

I’ve been learning a little lesson lately that really makes me think.

Next store to us in our apartment is a young man that for whatever reason he had or life gave him did not go to college. He does landscaping. I wish you all were me for just five seconds. Why?

I ask myself why many people do not want to go farther. I was always taught to find out things. Background? I had a father that hung out with physicists, many of them notable. Also he hung out with astronauts early on. He worked for Grumman in the 60s that made the LEM module that went to the moon.

If you hung out with rednecks, you had better have a good reason. That’s what I was I was taught. I was taught other things but I will not bLOG about it right now.

Some people would call me a snob, but many of those who call me a snob do not understand this. My adopted brother and I were expected and raised to go to college in some capacity. We were expected to perform to excellence.We were raised to make money beyond just getting any old job where you get dirty. “Any old job for us was just something you do early in high school.” Better out do the next person, is what my dad said.

One more thing, I was a special ed teacher a couple times. I saw a lot of things during my time.That forgave my student loans the first time. They didn’t have to pay me as much but they got rid of the debt that I had directly. All I did was fill out the paperwork did not get a raise, and the debt got totally erased. That was the special federal program.

I saw a lot of parents with very low expectations for themselves and their children. Those were the ones who seem to struggle with the most. Those are the ones who need the most support.

Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemy. Make it hard on ourselves and think we have to follow some negative garbage.

The special-needs people I taught seem to know this.

I’m going to be very real with all of you. Listen and read this because it’s very important.

Think of all the times that you did something pretty fantastic beyond everybody’s expectation.

Ask yourself what did you do to get there?

My answer is forget everyone else and what’s going on around you .

This is how you stay focused.This is how you stay focused.

Wrote it twice to bring emphasis on what I just said .

Turn the news off people it’s not helping you get done. Leave the TV off every day until 6 o’clock 5 o’clock at dinner time.

Keep the TV to a minimum. Forget the emotional garbage do you think you’re obligated to be .

Listen what’s going on emotionally but stay plugging away and focused.

Keep your family together. Balance is important. No nagging no nitpicking.

Go deep even if you’re scared to go deep.

Stay away from friends that intellectually and emotionally and physically bring you down . Best said straight up! Run from them and tell them why you’re running from them.

IMHO , this is called loving yourself enough to progress to the next level. If you do this then it makes it easier to love others and be kind to others.

If you’re not progressing because you think these people will think you’re bad, you need to run from them. I know people get mixed up as to what is really selfish.

I am not God, but you need to check in with Him. But that is a whole other blog on how to do that . You are not obligated to be a totally legalistic orthodox religious Karen. Read that last sentence again and pray about it as you best know how.

Put your heart into what you should do that but you need to advance yourself so you can provide for yourself

Make a list. Better said again: make a semishort list of things you need to accomplish. Close your eyes and get focused.

That’s my motivation for all us..

Meanwhile, I’m going to go off try to rent a car and try to enjoy my birthday.

Sidenote, I’m going to tell something that happened yesterday that could’ve been a lot worse in my next blog or after my next blog . Not gonna do it now because I’m trying to stay positive. I am going to tell the truth after it’s over. I’m going to tell what happened yesterday and I’m going to name names.

Have a great weekend and I’m going to go enjoy myself or attempt to do so.

That writing project? My adopted grandma‘s cousin is a noted published writing expert. I could have it done in the next year if I did two pages to three pages a day.

My teacher math GK test — the big one, is September 19th. I’m not very good at math but if I broke up all that I have to learn, I probably could tackle it.

Getting people to work with me is another thing. I have to watch my legalistic Karen . Husband is laughing. I have to stop being afraid of being stuck. True confessions and yes, you heard it here.

Have a great weekend. I’m off to a birthday. And let’s have a pretty awesome fantastic year together!

Remember , the assassins will fail.

I will be here next year so tuned!


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.