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Warning to all you people in the Catholic Church: Catholic Leaders excommunicated Italian priest who spoke against Pope Francis #ChurchMilitant #SSpx

Here is where his propagating or letting people believe in telling them to believe

Here’s his ten-point indictment of Francis. (He’s Saying this is wrong that this is happening)

  1. Permitting communion for the divorced and remarried in Amoris Laetitia
  2. Indifference to Marian dogmas
  3. Stressing mercy to the exclusion of judgment
  4. A document on human fraternity signed by Francis in Abu Dhabi, which he asserts reflects “religious syncretism”
  5. Neglect of mission (in the sense of making converts to Christianity)
  6. Neo-Arianism, effectively denying the divinity of Christ
  7. Rehabilitating Martin Luther and Judas Iscariot
  8. “Nebulous” eschatology
  9. Calling clerical celibacy into question through the Amazon synod
  10. Idolatry of the “Pachamama,” an Amazonian fertility figure, during the synod


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