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Its late and I have to talk About a few things. I am never inside the box which is something that ultrareligious people hate. Oh yeah, I read really fast. Here’s a Kindle picture. It drives super stiffnecked stick up there butts religious people crazy! They call me irreverent. I call them weird. Most people would agree with me. This bugs me.

I am a very very outside the box type of person. oh yeah, I read very fast.I don’t really read something I skim it a look at the page and each paragraph get the gist of what each paragraph is saying.that’s pretty much how I did my masters project because you cannot read every single word and every single book.there is a method to the methodology.

It’s called main idea in each chapter. Table of contents is also a good indication of how each chapter is going to go.

Why am I like this? Being a journalist for so many years means that when you start your day at 10 you have usually three stories that you have to write by 2 pm that same day. Oh yeah, 90% of the time you’re going to work through lunch . I love Martha or at who ever comes by to take you to lunch you’re going to be on the phone not it with her through all of her trivialities while you’re on the phone yourself phone, doing a story so you can make deadline at 4 o’clockI love Martha or at who ever comes by to take you to lunch you’re going to be on the phone not it with her through all of her trivialities while you’re on the phone yourself phone, doing a story so you can make deadline at 4 o’clockI love Martha or at who ever comes by to take you to lunch you’re going to be on the phone not it with her through all of her trivialities while you’re on the phone yourself phone, doing a story so you can make deadline at 4 o’clock that same day.

I still work right through lunch.I don’t have time for trivial banalities and prettiness. still work right through lunch.I don’t have time for trivial banalities and prissiness. Well I may be 57 now, I still work like when I was 20 something.

This means that I read and I write like a son of a gun = which is faster than most humans could blink.

I would like to see some of those crazy people who say I am irreverent. Stick him in the newsroom get up to stories to write telling the deadlines at 4 o’clock and tell everything has to be right setup . I love the words, they better have their S together by 3 o’clock and nobody gets to leave a message with anybody and you have to be demanding a shit just to make sure that you get all your quotes and everything right set up. I’ll say this again calling you are not to leave anyone a message to have a call back you find out where the hell they are right there right there interrupt the dumb shit, get them out of where the hell they are you go find them in two hours.

Now readers, do you see why I don’t like Millie mouth what are you dumb little slow people who give excuses? If I have to sit and read your story, and it has mistakes in it, if it has more than two paragraphs of the mistakes and I’m in authority to do so I would fire your fat sorry over religious ass!

Heads up: pay attention because I can still do it as fast as hell. I could still find someone when nobody else can find anyone. Heads up: potential because I can still do it as fast as hell I could still find someone when nobody else can find anyone.

Do I miss those days? Yes and no.I start missing these days when I was writing for publication on a daily basis when I start seeing this Millie mouth people who think they’re hot shit and call me irreverent.

How old are they now? A lot of them all like 20 and 30 something! I’d like to take a slap upside the head and tell him I was riding when you were in your kimbies taking a shit in your diaper.

Tell these rats these people with sticks up in they butt that they still stink and they need lots of poo Paris to mask their BS.

I want a showdown between me and them . I want it so badsometimes that I will put a photo fake news room together put a timer on pay for the press to actually print their crap and set me against them for a contest what I could tell them I feel a story coming on – just like Flannery O’Connor!

Now, I got into teaching because I had all of the student loans back in the 90s. I also got out because I got tired of very very late hours that I was working.sometimes I will go in at 8 o’clock and would not get home till midnight. It’s midnight thing? Was to cover a city meeting.

Then one newspaper back in the early 90s that I was working for I had to drive all the way back to Tampa from Orlando at midnight in a very old car. Truth is almost had an accident one night because the guy was going to run away and he was drunk.luckily, I pulled over into a ditch on the interstate and just let him have his way which it was his demise. He died and I was alive 25 minutes later. No, I did not stop and I kept on driving and I got to tampa back okay what time straight up. I was pretty much only one on the road at that hour of the night. If you’re asking me about any of that in a sing song voice that I have no tolerance for you. You need to do what I did because I am hostile as hell to people like you.

In other words, honey where the hell were you in 1990?

When 2020 hit & here somewhere during the fog of the pandemic , when I was waking up during my coffee hour every morning, I finally realize still happy working for 40 long years. I have been working since mid to late 1980. Those church losers weren’t even born yet.

People don’t you dare say a word about how I don’t have any job experience.go online to my LinkedIn page and find out what is exactly the hell I have been doing for the last 40 years. at the nerve to put every single thing down there except for all the temp jobs I had to take well I was going to school in the mid- nineties to get ready for my masters degree. The truth is is I had to work fast very fast because I was about to get married, and I had to work fast to get ready taking classes that I knew I needed to get ready.

When I finally got to the Masters degree it was a lot easier having heard all that writing experience.

So fast forward to 2008. I was teaching at a middle school and I just ended my first contract year.

When the year ended, I was about ready to finish my last couple semesters of graduate school for my Masters degree in education.

Then I had to come up with a topic which was something I had wanted to do since I was about 16 years old during 3AP English. Noticed that many teachers from my point of you at the time, did not write.I don’t think they did and they weren’t talking.

So I went straight up to my dear dear 🙂 teacher Mrs B! Two weeks later in walk sis curly headed lady who took her class over while she was out.

Blah blah blah, went me. Her eyebrows were raised and I saw an evil grin that just about said oh so you die with that opinion.

Next day, in walks Miss Margaret.

In the corner of the classroom was a draft self published book that we had to get mummy and daddy to sign off on that we could read that without mummy and daddy pissed off that we were reading it.

I will add that this Margaret is extremely famous writer now. We were one of the first people to read her stuff. Lets just say at 16 1/2 years old I couldn’t put it down.

My point here? I did my masters project on what happens when teachers become writers?!

That whole episode in my junior year of advanced high school English was my fuel.

How was it my feel? It made me want to become a writer, I became a writer from 84 to about 2004.

When I wrote my project it had to be done – all research had to be done in a month non-stop every day. And the writing had to be done from the hours of dinnertime till about two or three in the morning.

There are a few things you may be paying me people out there would not have tolerated but we had to tolerate, like it or lump it

1. The library was only open till 9 o’clock at night.

2. All research had to be done during the day. The rule of thumb is that I need a 30 to 35 sources to be found in a month. ( I can just see those Mandy Pandy Millie mouth of a religious people saying oh, it’s not gods well that I find this book. Trust me, I was on the phone with the local library source stating kindly at first, and then demanding second that I found that book within a day electronically or bust. And no, I did not leave a message and no I was not courteous and I don’t give a shit what you feel like I’ve got a deadline at the end of the month for my masters program. My usual Mojo was to get on the phone with them I want they were not in, find out when they were in I call them back at that right time so there would not be any phone tag.)

I don’t and didn’t waste my time with religious people I just looked at them like they were moving in another time zone and I am not part of you. I just looked at it like you don’t move in my world.

Oh yeah, once I had all that information I had a book cart . I had to tow it down hill, and that hill was very very tall and long and I did not have a car most of the time that semester.

No, what is my point to all of this? here it is folks =here it is folks . After this pandemic I’ve heard some real personal time to think things over. While I’ve been studying for all the tests to get certified as a teacher in the state of Florida, I have also been thinking about my personal goals.

I put too much on hold for too long.

I think the plan right now in a transparent way to all my readers here would be theirs = get the tests passed and move on. Why am I taking all of these tests? If the state of Florida turn this pandemic has absolutely positively stated they will pay for every single one that I can pass, then I am going to do everything in my crappy or non-crappy power to do it .

Honestly, I don’t do very well with people who think everything should be done just so thatthere is no creativity with these people.

Honestly, I know I’ll do better when I can get these people out of my head and just tell them off and tell them where to go.I know it’s not nice but they don’t belong in my worldHonestly, I know I’ll do better when I can get these people out of my head and just tell them off and tell them where to go.I know it’s not nice but they don’t belong in my world. Don’t you believe that these people limit people and their potential?

Screw it. Stay tuned because the first one Florida test is exceptionality is at the end of the month.

Then comes reading. Next, then comes this general math test and everybody bleeps. Next comes the ESOL and then comes teaching little kids.

Oh yeah, then comes the actual 6 to 12 English one. Honestly most of it is mind over matter of just taking the time to actually sit down and narrow it down to where I have a strategy. I could put it all together to make it look good on a test.

So readers I think you see why I have been doing a lot of L I GHT blogging lately.

I needed to get away last weekend. I think what I’m going to do in a logical sort of way is spread all of this testing out because I don’t think I’ll ever see this free stuff ever again for a long time.

Oh yeah, my husband got me an attachment to my desk set from IKEA for my birthday. I have to put that together. There goes another two or three hours of my time.

Thanks for reading this and I think you can grasp why I get frustrated with a lot of those people I just have no tolerance for many of them in my personal world. Many of them slow me down and make me doubt and stop and out some more to what I think I should be acting like = them. And that my friends, is so wrong.

I have no time for them anymore. Those them are stuck at Walmart in the flip flop Aisle trying to make a decision they cannot make because they have to contact their spiritual advisor to ask if it’s Gods will if they bought a certain brand of shoe. Or they have to pray about whether or not they should bake a cake instead of improving themselves. That would be a mortal sin to those idiots while they complain that they can’t make any more money, because that too is a sin as well to them. These idiots pay too much attention to trivial cultlike BS well that could be moving on forgetting their emotions and advancing themselves and solve a lot of problems.

Meanwhile, I will be finishing my next book while they still sit there in the aisle near the door at Walmart, picking their nose and smiling like they have lazy dementia .

Or, I will be studying like there’s no tomorrow because it is free for me to take the next step and pass the next test .

I think my smart readers will read this and get it I see that I’m just sick of BS . I am moving on.

I’m not waiting for phone calls anymore of any pseudo-offers unless you put your money where your mouth is . I am also not consulting anyone either I’m gonna make my own mind up my own decisions — screw worrying about religion. I know too many people with a cut luck mindset that keeps them from advancing and solving problems that would be a lot easier .



I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous smart Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married for 24 years. I have been writing professionally since 1978.