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Good morning people! I shut this blog down for two whole days & here is why. This is serious folks I’m thinking of moving on. I need your opinion I know I have a lot of followers. Been doing it since 2003 2004 to some capacity. Read this ….

I don’t know why after 16 years, I just shut the blog down for two days & I put the settings to privacy to personal. What that means is that you all the readers could no longer see my BLOG.

This means you couldn’t see it unless I actually push the button again for you to see it.

My brothers daughter is 17 and I’ve had a blog longer than she’s been alive. I started in 2003.

This 2020 election is just made me a mean nasty person so that’s all I can think about is helping people and the corruption and and and!

I have no idea what your political stand is and I really can’t say that I almost don’t care because there’s not much to write about anymore and I’ve been in the middle of a pandemic since March.

Last week I went to a meeting about a job and three days later I see on the news even after no one told me, that six people were tested positive for cover at the very school site where I visited.

And there’s so much going on right now that it’s not time-consuming to write anything in this blog because I hold my cell Iphone up and talk into it.

I’ve got a season of what’s the point …. MEH! Yeah it’s kind of like what’s the point season. Up catching my breath from all of us.

I like you guys you’re not some churchy crazies out there telling me that I’m not kneeling correctly. I have had too much of that in my life.

That’s a nice part of what you guys are out there you’re pretty diverse which says everything!

So I’m gonna try to keep this open for a few more days or a couple weeks until it gets so negative I’m just going to have to close it and then regroup and start another blog with another name.

I’m almost there and I’ll try not to let all of this ruin my summer.

Without saying the specifics, I went through a little bit of a crisis this summer after I took my husband to the doctor and some people caused trouble for us. Because of this, I no longer go to the doctor with my husband and we use FaceTime when he gets there. We no longer go to that one doctor that caused trouble for us and this morning they had the nerve to call us to wanna talk to him. People, we got a better Doctor that is more caring and their treatment is based on research. They don’t cause trouble for people who want to come with them, if I did wanna come with him . This is what I’m kind of holding back on and what I said after the summer is over our talk about. Tell me that it’s a little more detail than that and I’m just gonna wait until it really blows over. It’s a little more detail than that and I’m just gonna wait until it really blows over.

Background story = my husband has diabetes and a small foot worm that he has to get care for here at home . After working from home all summer and spring are being very cautious about taking an on-site position anywhere because I don’t wanna bring this nasty virus onto him.

And here we are at the end of August 2020!

Two days ago, I had to go to a questionable zoom call where the leader was hostile. I hit the exit button and got another provider. I completed a requirement days and weeks in advance.I hit the exit button and got another provider. That hostile leader did not get the power that she thought she was going to have. That hostile leader did not get the power that she thought she was going to have. Fact is fact that this leader kept commenting about my degrees behind me while I was sitting on the couch during the zoom call and I just got out. No one needs to take that hostility. She was bully on a zoom call. Who are you who are you! That’s all that time you’ll ever bully me on a zoom call.

See, I didn’t say who this person was. But I did look this person up on Facebook and block her. Are you decent I really don’t give a rats Pertuit what colour you are.

So onward I have gone.

People are a little hostile out there.

Do not take any abuse out there from anyone stand up for not take any reverse discrimination or hostility from anyone. Know your rights call ahead to check to see if you can attend a doctor‘s appointment with your loved one. Get it in writing. Get it in writing with that entity is stationary with the head of a place where you’re going.

Meanwhile, remember I did not name any names.

I think everyone is going to a little bit of this right now.I think I’ve grown a little bit through this to try and remain positive here.

I wanna keep my blog to twice a week now and try to keep the politics out of it.

I’m going to do on Wednesday and maybe Sunday just let my feature sections back in the day.

Don’t look for us any other days unless it’s absolutely positively necessary.


Coming up? A possible move elsewhere. I might even talk about the process of editing a 300 page book. I need to talk about packing. I have other hobbies besides ruminating over politics.

My AC is usually on 70° because it’s hot outside we are energy hugs and I don’t really care if I pay the bill. I have a grand plan if I have to pack to be somewhere else by Christmas.

Oh God, I wish I could tell you about that story but let’s wait till that’s over with.

I’m kind of warming up to the idea of keeping this blog.

It’s kind of like to start a journey and you don’t wanna quit the journey why are you taking a break or sitting down admiring the scenery or the struggle it took to get somewhere.

All I can say is it might not be much but it’s all I have here and stay tuned.

How about this for now? Wednesday or Thursday will be a daily life posting. And Sunday will be a weekend thing that I want to make a point here.

Thing with the daily life thing it say another view on everyday life things that you think you see but you don’t.

The weekend stuff is stuff that is really going on. I’m just going to say my thoughts on things as much as I can.

I promise to try to keep it away from the politics I’ll keep that to Facebook.

Not going to ruminate like a cow does its cards on the politics anymore I’ve just had enough.

Okay, maybe there will be some drama and I thought to try to do it but I’m going to try my darndest not to do so.

Anyhow, have a great week and that’s what happened with this blog the other day in case you didn’t notice.

And one more thing, I watch the movie Julia and Julie = I think that’s what they call the movie.and she cut her way through the fridge cookbook that I have about 30 of them I thought about doing that.I have a Fla cookbook and I could cook my way through that.

No I’m on weight watchers and I need to keep losing the weight.

Anyhow, seriously people stay tuned.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.