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Topic ==my Personality. ***Number topic one of the 30 day Pinterest Writing challenge. ***

This is my most recent best picture.My husband took this of me on my 57th birthday about a month ago.

This is the most dressed up I’ve gotten since this pandemic started.

I’m so laid-back that my husband and I eat in front of the TV .

Straight up = I enjoy music writing and reading. Occasionally, when I do have a bike, I ride.

Oops , we had ziti pasta and cold red sauce with turkey Italian sausage tonight because it’s Florida and we don’t like hot food, because it’s hot outside. And while I’m writing this and talking into my iPhone and trying to chew I just spilled a glass of red sauce on my white T-shirt. Why bother I have plenty of bleach I could wash this tonight.

While I’m writing this and talking into my iPhone and trying to chew I just spilled a glass of red pasta sauce on my white T-shirt. Not only that but the oven started beeping because the sausages were done. And the grocery Instacart the food delivery all happens at once. The food delivery just rang the phone and everything happens all at once.

What is my true personality?

I have a lot of different likes and dislikes but the heart of it is this.

Hubby says I’m very persistent. He calls it dogged . I just like to use the word persistent. When I want something I will sit there for days or hours with the west and figure out how to do it.

I’m also very laid-back to scope things out first and foremost. I’ve been told I know how to work a room when it has a point. It has to me has to have a serious point to it. I’m extremely goal oriented. Even the goal of any goal that I have has to have a serious point. My motivation is usually well thought out.

It has to have a point to it.I’m not going to do something to let somebody watch unless there’s money involved. Older I am, the less I care what people think unless I’m going to get paid for it .

I have been told I’m creatively pragmatic , almost to a fault. I can laugh at the silliest of things. I cannot deal with over idealism. j

I also believe in the greater common good. There are real reasons why I don’t like pretentious people. I love truth and creative things.

I love to write. I don’t like critics without credentials or serious credibility or authority. . If someone were to criticise me I will go back online and search you out. I will have your credentials within two hours. I will have or know your credentials . This means is that within two hours I will know when you went to college. I will know where you work, I will know where you came from and so forth.

This is the best way to write to show someone by illustrating it with words. Show me, don’t tell me.

When I was a little kid I followed my adopted dad’s example. He lived to work smart. He didn’t absolutely over exert himself and wear himself out unless it was absolutely necessary and there was a goal in mind and it was a project to be completed. One more thing, science ruled. I don’t work at Walmart he worked with the physicist who hung out with NASA. Earlier on, he brought home astronauts.

I don’t like over religiosity! I seriously do not like things that are over done. Forget the Latin Mass that’s why God invented St. Pope John XXIII and St Paul VI

I am a person who loves her normal people speak. I don’t feel like I have to put the arias for the sake of religion. If this God who exists, I am good enough for Him if I keep trying. Pretentious speech and pretentious people drive me nuts. And your point is, I will tell them.

I frown on people who have a attitude that says I must kneel correctly at a 90° angle. Folks, I am all about common sense and respect. But I ran into a lot of lack of it the first and second time around of my college years. Part one was in the early 80s up at Franciscan University. Those crazy third or the regular freighters had themselves all crazily mixed up in a covenant community that was more like a cult that they got called out on it and were told by Bp Conlin , their local bishop that had jurisdiction over them to renounce it. They had to renounce their cult, that Bishop ordered them to do so.

A side note = I was about 21 1/2 and I got my bachelors. I don’t like to be taken advantage of. I don’t like to see anyone else taking advantage of . If I’m friends with you I expect you to be your best, and go to college for some point that you can improve yourself. If I’m friends with you I expect you to be your best, and go to college for some point that you can improve yourself.

I have somebody in mind when I’m talking about this.I had been friends with her for over 20 years. She went & got her associate degree. But when she refused to get a bachelors degree due to low self-esteem, I gave her a call up & I said I’m cutting off the friendship. I just can’t understand when someone is given an opportunity, what any woman would take second-best! They even wanted to give her money so she could go to school. Very same person complained that she wasn’t making enough money.

I questioned her low airhead self-esteem because I have an issue with anybody who is like that. When you can I have an intellectual discussion with someone after a while it just deteriorates. When you say that this person cannot have an original thought and just repeats everything because they’re nervous and they think they have to say it because it’s a church thing to do, it already has deteriorated.

This is very much part of my personality. I like knowledge. .I don’t believe women should be a stupid twats.

Enter me in the mid ‘00s for round 2 and a serious attempt at a masters degree which I completed. I had an incident where I was minding my own business. I’ve been a long day of writing papers and test taking during one of the summers as I did in grad school. I just wanted to chapel one night to be real meditative and I sat down. Some younger girl came in right behind me and she just looked like she was going to give me some look that was how dare you sit down and not kneel. She just had this girl with this patronising grin and knelt in a perfect 90° angle without any assistance of a chair to hold her up.

My eyebrow raised as a salute to the laid back palm tree life in Florida where I was raised under for almost fortysomething years then. What’s the point of showing off in kneeling unless there is a real point to it or a serious mandate to do so.

Another point in my personality is that I don’t like to show off unless there’s $$ involved.

I seriously believe in being my practical pragmatic self, so what is it to you? When I walk into a church or where I walk into any place I’m going to be myself. I don’t have to change being myself when I go to church.yeah, I’ll be polite but there comes a point I don’t have to talk different walk different be different it’s on the inside. To do anything else, is pretentious and showy and fake.

I motioned for her to go outside and made it very non-verbal that it was urgent. However, saying that that was not going to work I whispered, “ excuse me God, where are you from?”

I didn’t let her answer and I just told her I was from the FLA. Another look like OMg read on her face. Answer, your face looks like a giant wrinkle.

Upon seeing this, I looked at her she looked at me and she whispered Wisconsin. Get me out of here, I thought. My eyes were rolling and I looked at the corner where I have been taught that God live-streams. I whispered in my head excuse me boss. I silently whispered why in all of heaven can they up and over there have common sense lack where I live? I look to the front, they can’t even talk correctly they whining sound like they got potatoes in their mouth when they speak.

So I sat there and took a couple holy minnies & didn’t say anything even inside because that’s how I pray.

Spiritual backstory = when you pray you can sit there and not have to say any words because our God nobody knows where you’re at when you just show up and you go “uhhhhh huhhhh.” Now that little “means that I know that he knows that he knows that I know how it is before it all begins.”

My personality is such that prior to me anymore take meditation has to have a point to it. And the best prayer the absolute best prayer is when nothing is said because it’s already said. Here is my deal = if God is big as he is, then he already knows what the hell is going on before you even walk in the door . Next stop , just sit down and nod. I do not have to be pretentious or kneel.

Remember now it’s their knee surgery , not mine. I sure in all of heaven and hell are universe I’m not gonna pay for that new surgery that that’s theirs.

I was the same way about getting good grades also .

Backstory = my personality is a very caring individual overall.

I don’t try to go overboard for any reason. I feel that it does that serve the purpose for which it was supposed to serve in the first place and it misses the point to which why and how and what and where you practice it.

My husband says I have a lot of insight into things. I was trained in a lot of non-verbal communication.

It’s late now and I promise you there is at least this is pate

First of all, I think everybody is very complex and it’s a layered thing. What you have to remember about me is that I’m not gonna do it you say just for the sake because you say it.

Has to have a point and more than likely it will have a deadline.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.