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Day four of the 30 day Pinterest writing challenge = here are some of the places I’d like to visit. Day four equals travel. Day five equals me talking about parents.

It’s day four and already I’ve hopped over three days of the writing challenge here.

Day three with the memorieswas kind of tough for me because I have too many memories at 57.

Day 4 is travel & places I’d like to go.

Let’s do this …. no, my new, this is not an order it’s just as I think of it.

1. Ignacio Falls , S.A

2. Rome, Italy and Italy 🇮🇹!

3. 5 to6 hidden places in Florida I don’t share with tourists or people in blogs.

4. Five to6 hidden beauty places in Florida That I don’t share with tourists or people in blogs.

5. Out West to see my in-laws.

6. Hawaii. It’s like Florida but I wanna see what all the fuss is about because it’s like Florida with mountains and volcanos.

7. Places where my favourite authors have lived.

A. Laura Ingalls Wilder = I would like a tour of all of her places along with the houses.

8. Mt Vernon, Va. Yes I wrote that.

9. I never have been to Washington DC any great Lakes beyond in and out. So, put that on my list.

10. Montreal, Canada. I’ve been to mine I’ve been to Toronto but not Montréal. I went to Toronto in 1984 September to see St. Pope John Paul II when he showed up there. It was a student bus from Franciscan. I

11. I seriously wanna go back to New York City and York just to relive where I grew up when I was a little kid. here I am at 57, I would like to be there before I’m 60.

12. I’ve been to Canada, I’ve been to the Bahamas but I have never been to Mexico.I’ve been to Canada I’ve been to the Bahamas but I have never been to Mexico. I think the closest I’ve been to Mexico as we were out driving around in southern California and I saw signs to it.

13. There are some places I do sure they’re really cool in Florida. One place is the caves in North Florida in the panhandle. It’s a state park and it’s somewhere we went on our 1998 honeymoon.

14. I would like a tour of all the really cool Florida churches have any significant historical and beauty significance.

15. St. Helena south Atlantic Ocean .

16. Antarctica!

17. Alaska!

18. Back to Disney World after the pandemic. I would love to stay in the Contemporary Resort or just go ahead and book a nice room at the Ritz in Orlando.

19. I would love to camp back at the Dry Tortugas with all the right gear. From what they tell me, it’s a great place to see the stars just south of the FLA.

There are a lot of other places but this is what comes to mind .


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