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Day 10/ One more done on the Pinterest 30 day writing challenge! Topic =My best friend! Oh yeah, I have several. Depends on the era of my life. Here goes read this.

I have had many best friends. Who they are depends on the era.

Special note: friendship is great for me but I can do solitaire pretty easy if I have to.I’m kind of an introvert extrovert but more of an introvert and this pandemic does not bother me one little bit. That’s the introspective portion of me. I really don’t feel like I have to tell everybody everything a lot. I don’t need to tell everybody everything so they can make everybody everything decisions for me. My Husband is the same way.

I have lived in the same state for over 50 years. For that, I knew one let’s just call her Miss L.we were friends together since we were like a year old so I have essentially known her for about 57 1/2 years.

Had a pandemic not happened, I would’ve been up in New York this summer. That trip is now on my bucket list before I’m 65. Warning: I have points I must see you when I head up to long island in New York City.and I also have some friends that have moved up there that I’ve got to see and the Wolfman people will meet the Frankenstein folks of various points of my life. Will be interesting to see how they mix.

Miss L has known me for ever. Her parents and my mum and dad were friends for years . At age 6, we both and all got dragged to Woodstock. My dad knew some of the people setting up for the concert and I think that’s what he got to do was set up for the concert because of his electrical engineering background. Dad also had a music background and I suspect that had something to do with it too. That was his vacation job I suspect.

I think the story is a long one but the short version of it is that my mother didn’t want him going for three days with all these crazy kids so she dragged all of us along because she wanted to see the rock group, Sha na na. And, let’s put it this way when I do get to see my friend again if her father is still alive, I am going to find pictures. Evidence. I saw it all. Hendrix too. History rules.

The rest of those crazy hooligans —I will call my dear friends went to school with me at various times.

Believe it or not, since most people were moving is to the south east in the 70s and 80s, I have maybe two friends associates who went to school with me that ended up going to school with me in the end are graduating in the rain with me 1981. That was a gift.

There are the people I went to elementary school with which was public-school the first two years I was in Florida. Then, there are the catholic school crazy people that I went to school with in East Tampa Brandon area. They are still close to me whenever I see them. That’s gonna be next year since the carnival that we have a reunion that usually every year is cancelled this year due to this crazy pandemic due to this crazy pandemic.

Then there are the high school friends that I have a certain amount of loyalty to because I’ve known ‘em for so long. Although I will admit the selection has pretty much alienated a few of them from me. Had too many Facebook battles that I don’t wanna talk about. I’ve had to snooze about 25 people on Facebook all because I felt like they betrayed me for having another type of political views that I do not have. It hasn’t been easy .

It’s like a layer cake people or sandwich, you just keep adding layers. In my case, it’s school layers that I keep adding. With each layer, I get another friend and that gold thread of life.

Then move north on the map to North Carolina in the Charlotte area. I went to school for two years right near Charlotte North Carolina and I just got back in touch with some of those wonderful people.I haven’t seen him in over 20 years but it’s nice to get back in touch with them. I

I was really tolerated from those people because I was away from home the first time.I still admire how they tolerated me..

It was a Baptist College and I did anything I could just to get out of my comfort zone. also made sure that it was a college I could not party at because I wanted to make sure I did the right thing the first two years of my adult life.

It worked that first two years my grades were the highest that they ever were. Face it, I didn’t have the distractions of running here and there and everywhere to some sorority party where there was a lot of binge drinking and stuff like that. Alcohol was not allowed on campus.

I must truly confess that I had about three very very dear friends in sophomore year of college.I need a reunion with them in the next 10 years. These friends you could be yourself with and not have to measure up to some spiritual high point because you didn’t have a standard you just took you took each other as you were in as you are a lot of children develop into what you need to be without nagging.

I did not want to go to the same college for four long years so I split it up the other last two years of college were at Franciscan U in Steubenville, Ohio . The last two years were very different and very distracting.I have a couple episodes like that.

Now in between college, I had a friend well I just call her for your sake , Miss D . Miss D has two other sisters I have known forever. Their nicknames? I’m not going to embarrass them because I didn’t name them out right. Call them the Tres Hermanas . Our objective at the next reunion adult beverages and we don’t go near any vehicles afterwards at all. Our location? That’s classified.

Other associated pal was Mr mechanic for your sake I will call him Mr T. We having around in the early 80s whenever I was home here in Florida. I have a smile on my face when I remember this. They were the only people who could actually give me a belly laugh by saying the least stupidest thing . I could laugh all night .

Do you know what readers, what’s a real friend of mine ?

I saved the best for my real love of my life is my friend, my husband Scott Stark.

But all my school friends I grew up with are like a place that I can still have a serious belly laugh with and not have to worry about anything else bad that might happen to me.

I miss you all now.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.