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OK so Mr. Joe Biden won the election. So, on my to do list was to write an open letter to Mr. John Weston of Lifesite news . Warning language that I’ve been waiting to use for four years . Hey why not Trump used that language I must be OK.

Warning I’ll let them have it I had to it was just it was coming…

Hi I’m Jeanne in Clearwater Florida and I’m extremely happy Joseph Biden won 2020. I don’t care about you because you don’t care about me and the people that died of Covid. Also, Trump doesn’t care about you either he used you as a sucker tool. There is a recording on YouTube if you’re smart you can find it he called all the evangelicals and Christians losers and suckers to get him elected. Well , it didn’t work. There were people like me who looked right through his lies he’s lied over 2000 times while he’s president.

No, there’s a little thing you should know about Trump = the idiot has been married three times . He has every business that he’s been in has failed.

Don’t try to ban is this a wonderful letter that I’m writing you because you do not have my support at all ever. I have over 5000 subscribers on WordPress and they know I’m a hard-hitting journalist.I also know the people at mother Jones, the real investigative journalism magazine that pays their people a serious living wage so they can do more journalism.

. I’m a Roman Catholic and you do not have the authority to ban me from my church. There is a woman that’s going to be vice president and there’s nothing the hell that you can do about it. By the way everybody out there is not out there trying to have an abortion like you think. You are a little obsessed about this aren’t you?

Know what? I want you to put in writing that I’ve had an abortion which I have not . Do so that I could sue you and shut you down. That crap in writing and find out what happens to youThat crap in writing and find out what happened to you.

I told myself that if Trump lost, I would write you a nice pretty letter. I’m going to make sure that I screenshot this on my phone. I have many subscribers.

I just have to know how in the hell or heaven could you support a man that has on a recorded YouTube video that says what Trump said he would grab pussy?

How can you support Trump lying 1200 times?
I should be in Las Vegas right now finding a bookie that could place a bet that you’re lying as much as he has. And I will put double or triple or nothing that I would win because I know that you guys are lying SOBs .

I am hard-hitting as possible because I was an actual reporter for 20 years here in Florida. I’m 57 years old and sick of people like you grandstanding all the time. You never had a real job and actual real work 9-to-5 actual job! I don’t see you as a man of God I see you in someone trying to get money off of people, and lying like Trump.

So I’ve said my peace and you now have the link where you cannot ban me because it is copyrighted by me for me given to me by me By God.

Oh yeah, it’s an open letter on my wonderful BLOG which is findmeinFlorida .blog

I don’t think you did your job very well maybe you did maybe you’re just as bad as Mr. Trump.

Remember he said this .

I hope you had fun with him as four years of as a president. Abortion still legal not that I’m happy about that but maybe you want to go do another strategy promote good relationships that actually don’t talk like he does. If you want to actually go into all the nightclubs and evangelize people incognito because that might work a little bit better because before they do the deed you can get there and tell him all the ramifications about how to have self control. What’s you are doing doesn’t work. Oh yeah, Trump didn’t do a damn thing for you because well, he lost. Maybe I’ll come for you and give you $1 million now for doing all the shit that you did for everybody else in supporting a liar and a man who grabs pussy.

Editor note =Editor note =

Maybe he’ll get the idea now since we could be a little more open about this sort of thing. I’ve been quiet because I’ve just been sitting back waiting to see what was gonna happen and I’ve about had enough of everybody. But I’m not done with my to do list yet most of it’s pretty docile and most of it’s pretty nice because I have to stand up for the truth and I did, so there


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.