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Our 10 year old Beagle Alfie left us a little gift in his crate while we were at Mass. Sniff , Uht Oh, what was that smell inside coming from his crate? Alfie also got a bath after I cleaned it up. Then I had a glass of wine in a conference with this dog . People, I got the look, “ I’m ignoring you.” What would you do?

Here goes…

Hey mummy you let me out I’m full of thick brown stuff on my paws. You should’ve got home sooner. The devil made me do it.
Alfie after bath time.
No sooner did I put the keys on the hook after church when I found that was below
One800 dog massacre. Consider this = we were only gone for an hour and a half. All this mess inside his crate would’ve been all over our kitchen, you name it it would’ve been … We were only gone for an hour and a half. All this mess inside his crate would’ve been all over our kitchen . You name it it would’ve been everywhere
We have a word for this = absolute dog massacre! We add this to “Offering it up for our Florida deep prayer life” because when you clean it up you can pretty much ask God for anything. I have evidence of this. Here is your evidence take a good long 👀. .
This was the first look I thought was a little gift inside Alfie left as we were in church. I literally had to push the large crate outside our house which is a one bedroom apartment. Thank God I have a hose that I bought at the five and dime store .
Thank God for the dollar store and a hose that I bought because I put a whole thing of bleach at the bottom of the crate and just tipped it over into a flower pit. They have never been better because they were nourished by all of that well you know… then I hosed the walkway between share with our neighbor .
Mugshot of Alfie beagle, age 10 & he pled guilty with his face.

Above is a snorting snoring sleeping beagle sometime before he decided to have an accident in his plastic crate while we were gone.

After Alfie‘s bath 🛁 , this happened . Just take a special note – my husband and I both have to be inside the bathroom when we give him a serious bath because he will not stay still. No judgement please because our beagle was a rescue. Hey, I don’t see you here helping us.
I had a few choice words to say to the dog before I got my glass of wine as a reward for cleaning him off.

In conclusion, it is now about 3 o’clock something and I’m sitting down watching all the YouTube shows that I normally watch or what we watch. due to Covid . I’m having a glass of wine because after all that , it was unnerving

Another note, we really didn’t want to eat lunch after the scores after cleaning up after, that, who would want to eat?

Really didn’t bother me as much as it would bother some other people . I tried to make a funny story here for you because this is every day life in Florida for me and my husband of 23 years.

I just hope I made everyone laugh because he is a blessing but sometimes he is worse than a kid.

Got that?


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.