Posted in Florida life everyday The VAT or Vatican has spoken, so two faced conservatives shut up! What? Vatican: “Don’t condemn Biden due to political and dem party life views.” Source?

I am going to comment on this with 2 to 3 paragraphs. But only that these people who taut they are so hungry for adulation & “ lookie me” & “ I’m so loyal to the magisterial of the church” , but yet they go behind the Pope and Catholic church’s leadership’s back to snicker, and start screaming to get rid of any politician that doesn’t agree with Trump . Actually, they want to do things their way at the beginning, the middle, and the end. They do nothing to help fix the situation. Hypocrisy!

This does happen!

Good thing I don’t know they’re all of their names, addresses, and phone numbers because I’d call the FBI on them and have them investigated for ties to the January 6 uprising at the capital.

Don’t let me know who you are! It will happen. You have been warned!


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