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Warning : Florida and vacationing here is not cheap. Bring money & be a very educated person. Here is the total cost for our four day anniversary trip. Read this !

Cedar key, Florida is a wonderful place . Google it and spell it correctly and you might discover it.

Here’s the total cost of our anniversary trip.

  1. There is a shortage of rental cars in Florida and it’s a very bad one . My advice to everyone and I am very very serious about this , I could not be more serious —please check every other hour when you rent a car— to make sure that there’s going to be a car for you when you get here. If your flight is late or you get on the flight late, don’t expect them to be open. Warning you have been warned please double check and quadruple check that they are going to have the car that they said that they are going to have . Plan a month and a half ahead.
  2. Do not assume & do not assume and do not assume it will be there for you. Good customer service in Florida sometimes comes and goes& just before the summer starts it’s usually the worst time. We are tired of our of state tourism.
  3. You have been warned and I am going off on a tangent about this because well some of you are plus played jack ass stupid and do not call before you get there or here. When I get to the desk after calling six and seven times beforehand, I get your car because you’re stupid enough not to call ahead. There, I said it just the way I should said it or say it in a rude way that you listen.
  4. Total cost of a rental car at Budget rental agency for you, the non Florida resident would be $500 for four days. Total cost for me due to the fact my husband is a Florida lawyer and has a 25% to 35 % discount code=== $300. This includes the insurance that the car rental place will make you buy in Florida even if you have a car insurance .
  5. There will be two gas fill ups count on it. The gas shortage like in the northeastern area, it’s not that bad here . I found the gas buddy app just to make sure I can plan ahead. I’m not seeing a real gas shortage here in Florida, if I stay just south of Ocala. I checked if I go north to like Jacksonville, count on it. I’m 57 and it’s just the luck of the draw . If there is a gas shortage I know how to get along better than you millennials out there because I went through this when I was 10 years old in 1973. I know how to siphon gas from someone’s gas tank. Go on Google and check gas shortage in 1973 . That was the Arab-Israeli war . They didn’t want to sell us any more gas because we were in Israel side. They didn’t want to sell us any more gas because we were on the Israeli side.
  6. Total cost of our room was about $160 for the Hilton in Orlando. The only way I got this room was to the discount app. Yes, it’s near Disney World and I’ve got brain to a skip the trip to “the mouse” this weekend because I have other hidden Florida resident places to go to . This is even though I would get in on a Florida resident pass for $300 for four days because my Florida resident drivers license allows this. Warning, unless you have a Florida ID or Florida drivers license & or that discount is not gonna happen for you. Got to say it this way = Nana Nana boo-boo!
  7. Now where in the world do we the Florida residents go away from all the middle of the state attractions? Here’s your Google list = type springs in Florida, state parks in Florida, odd attractions in Florida, airboat rides in Florida, and things like this. Just Google where do the residents go to have fun in Florida? Go on YouTube and type in these words , “Places Florida residents don’t want you to know about.”
  8. We don’t have a reservation for Saturday night or Sunday night, yet that we use our Florida resident reservation skill take over for that.
  9. It’s not boring to live here, just don’t be without money. Oh yeah, don’t be without an education either because usually you have to have one to have the other . Don’t any of you rednecks come down here thinking that you can make a fortune shoestringing or scamming people who live here.
  10. I would say the total cost for a four day jaunt with all our discounts is about close to $600.
  11. It would be about $800 if we did any of the parks or anything like that… And this includes meals and everything. We eat Publix sandwiches to save money. As a general rule we bring our own beer coolers to the hotel room . ( We don’t drink and drive so you can totally forget that drinking and driving is going to be included in part of it. If you get pulled over & refuse to be tested for drunk driving, you will lose your license in the state you are from . If you have a half a beer expect a .06 calibration on your drinking test or your breathalyzer test. Don’t do it. ) BTW, you need less than a .08 to pass anything over that in Florida , they arrest you on the spot no questions asked. Warning no exceptions!
  12. Don’t ask my Florida lawyer husband to do a DUI defense unless you wanna pay five or $6000, upfront, no exceptions,no exceptions, no questions asked. No, we do not take payment plans for that one. Even with a plea-bargaining you will be picking up trash on the road for at least 3 to 4 months in Florida no questions no excuses that’s what you’re going to be doing. I’m not nice about this I’m just telling you flat that warned warned warned!
  13. As a general rule even though my husband is an attorney and I have a masters degree, we really don’t spend a whole lot on food because we have to watch what we eat.
  14. . I’ll give you one last secret people who read this to live outside my state of Florida. Google Publix deli sandwiches in Florida. I get no money from the Publix corporation for telling you to do this so this is a residence secret. This is what we eat on the road beside Chick-fil-A and that’s our best kept secret for keeping it cheap. . .
This is a picture of a wonderful Florida sunset on the West Coast of Florida.


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