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I have a story to tell about the new wall in the middle of my dining room/office in a one-bedroom apartment here in Clearwater Florida.

This monstrosity of a heavy wall in the middle of our dining room living room office is something I purchased from a Gulfport veteran about three weeks ago.I painted it and made a wheel platform. I made a will’s going to be even taller after I stick on the wheel platform. Then, I’m going to put a pegboard on the other side.I may even put a pegboard or art on the side of the dining room. Small spaces make you be very inventive and how you do things. Do what the average person will not do. This seems to be my motto lately

Happy June day! Today, 40 years ago today, I chose to be a writer. I’m not everyone else and I celebrate this day as a tribute to anything I have done or haven’t done . It must be horrible to be everyone else and never write anything down and just have an empty brain about everything.

I know my desk is a mess. But, right now it’s a work in progress. Due to the fact that I am remodelling my office so I can restart my writing project/book. I’m not showing it to you because I don’t have the actual copyright on it now. It’s in a cloth bin somewhere in my desk..

It took my husband and I about a half an hour to move this big heavy wall inside our small one bedroom apartment in Clearwater, Florida.

When you have an empty brain everything just goes right by and everybody tells you what to do, you get depressed about a pandemic, and don’t have a real thought that original of your own. Empty brains work at Big box stores and are afraid to do anything original or creative. Very seldom do they have original ideas.

I like to think I’m past all that after working for 30+ years. I am seriously past need anyone’s approval by the church or job people. There is a serious problem with people who need that kind of approval, because they need they miss what they’re supposed to do to their own creativity.

I’m 57 now. I will be 58 next month. I’m twice as old as most of those church people online fussing about this and that and whether and how they receive communion and stuff like that that most ordinary people don’t give a crap about that and stuff like that that most ordinary people don’t give a crap about that. I’m moving on from those ugh, people. One lady wasn’t even born when I graduated high school in a thunder and lightning storm. She goes around boasting that she has 8 children and has had one abortion. Ohhh, she is so churchy and repentant . Sounds like a Catholic version of the Duggars to me.

Yeah, moving on. I’m trying to move on and get all my errands done and calm down and actually start alternating or fixing the 300 pages that I wrote over a year ago.

And lately, in my almost late 50s, I’m tired of negative people, including Trump! i’m tired of the people who support him.It is time to celebrate myself people. There is nothing wrong with that. It is time to be grateful and breathe on my own without them.

And I’m sick and tired of all companies stating that they’re hiring for jobs that do not support a living wage. I’ll go there in another entry , but I had to put that one in. I have a Masters degree there and there is no way I saw anyone else would work any of those jobs that abuse people. Yeah, we’re going to talk about that another blog.

Meanwhile back at my Writers desk, I’m re-organising things here. Normally years ago, I didn’t have the Internet and I put everything in wire bound notebooks where nobody read them. Right now, all or most of what I read or wrote is underneath our bed in flat plastic bins. I save almost everything. And given the fact that my dog is 10 years old with a mind of his own and has accidents, The cleanup this weekend was not very fun. . I won’t to say what oozed under my bed after cleaning up around my bed. I went through a whole can of Lysol bathroom cleaner to clean the tile floor.

I think life is like that, you just get it done, you move on past what depresses you, and you come out a superhero because you’ve got it done.

But the past 40 years has not been easy . I’ve had some family and ex-work colleagues that were patronising and less than supportive along the way. Most people would’ve lasted two minutes or less with one family member I probably should name but choose not to do so here. I guess that’s what made me pretty stinking superhero tough.

What stops me is these little nattering errands. They take up the good part of my day. Then you get sad about it, & sit down in front of the couch and in front of the TV and then say are you want to say forget it. But the fact that I have those 300 pages, something is in there.

But if my husband and I could drag this extremely heavy wall with teamwork inside after I painted it, than I can do anything. I even built two platforms for wheels, so if my dog does something on the floor it’s not directed to the pretty wall. I could roll it around so I can get under it with a mop and bleach water and Clorox on the tile floorand bleach water and Clorox on the tile floor.

Yeah, is the nattering little annoying things to keep me from doing what I was really meant to do. I just have to keep my mind on the fact that I’m only going to give 2 1/2 hours to whatever I have to do.

Then again, make it about an hour to get everything done. I think it might be good not to complicate things.

Yeah, I’m learning. Now, where was I and what page was I on? The funny part about this is every night or just around dinner time I said to myself I’m gonna get up at 5 am and start work on it. And you all know that it is the project.

This is no big deal because when I wrote my Masters project of 140+ pages, I was up at 1 am working on an old Compaq computer that almost crashed on me. Lucky me, I had a printer.

Well, you know where this is going cut!

I have to get going now.

Have a great week, everyone. i’m going to have a very good day regardless. It’s mine by choice.

How does this help you my readers? Think about it think about all the tough stuff you’ve gotten through . Use that for your creativity. Let us use that for our our creativity.

Moving on.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.