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Good morning I see the assassins have failed! Who is my real thoughts on this blog that I’ve had since 2004.

Bottom line here is that I have had this blog since the early 00s!

June 2 is this blog’s birthday. It’s not much but I hopefully tell what it’s like in Florida beyond the tourist view . Remember, we live here.we don’t wait until we are grey hair to move to the Villages, which is really in my point of you, not the real Fla. And based on the fact that the GOP is what it is, we keep reminding ourselves that we’ve been here longer and it’s gonna pay off maybe someday. When they all show up in about 15 years from up north, we’re going to places we’re not gonna allow them in. The long term natives or semi natives know where to go. It’s gonna be another story when we put the gate up.

Stay tuned for that one. we don’t find it funny when we wait when we’ve waited through the heat for over a half a century and then you living in Jersey or New York or Wisconsin show up out of nowhere when your pension kicks in.

I’m very good it in during things most of the time . My story goes is that I started this, or “it” after a four year stint working at the Fla Department of business and professional regulation and after former Governor Jeb Bush restructured us. I have just gotten back a year before from a writers conference in the Franciscan University of Steubenville. Everybody had a blog but me. So, I was in.

It’s not a professional blog, it’s mine. And needless to say, I am not trying to impress anyone. I just say “there it is this is what Fla is like.” To the government people out in the desert looking in, I’m pretty damn boring. I don’t threaten anyone although I can’t wait to certain people are dead. That certain person begins with a T .

When the former president finally goes to his demise, we’re gonna be singing ‘ding dong the witch is dead.’ And based on the fact that he is about 70-ish , I’ve got another 20 Christmases to deal with it.

I’m good. Moving on.

My niece , “Ms M”, who is as old as this blog, graduates high school today in our suburb east of Tampa.

However, due to Covid, I am not going to be able to attend.I’m going to watch it online. Hopefully , I can get a picture when she goes the stage online.

I’m very proud of her because she got accepted to FSU, which is short for Florida State University. Being an auntie is not that hard, we just send gifts on holidays & birthdays. I do a lot of that.

Now onto my list and something that looks like breakfast this morning. I’m celebrating because it’s summer and I have a lot to do to help my husband run his small solo law practice.

Truth is, I get up at seven & sit there with coffee every morning to wake up the dog is usually sleeping next to me on the couch where I usually sit in the morning. Then, I have my quiet meditation and catholic mass readings for the day, which is that much it’s just standard to get my head in the right place. Oh yeah, I also read the divineoffice on . This is what the Catholics call the liturgy of the hours in the morning. I’m not that ultraconservative but I keep it positive.I can’t stand Trump. I can’t stand ultra Latin Mass proper Catholics so I read it as fast as I can, and get something out of it. Well look at it, it’s there for a reason and it’s positive and more positive than the bad words I hear in rap music.

Now onto my day.



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