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The Catholic bishops of America , the Usccb are meeting virtually today thru Friday without the “Catholic narcissistic extremist garbage” physically present in the room. ST@usccb #BishopsDon’tTakeAnyCrap

You can try to click on it they’re not gonna let you in & they don’t even let me in. I’m making this link to make a point. I found it hilarious, actually nobody including EWTN is going to try to influence him on what they have to get done .

God’s smart Alecs!!! Yeeehaaa.

Meanwhile back at my apartment here in Clearwater Florida, I’m not letting any of you all in today because I have 20 something items I have to get done see one of my posts for the list. it’s too distracting and the fact that I have to get all of this done it’s gonna drive me crazy so I’m working right through till 9 o’clock tonight. No extremists allowed. I love their genius that they didn’t let everybody in .

Readers, I know I’m Catholic and I know that makes you kind of uncomfortable or whatever your perception is, but I see this like parents having a conference down the hall in their bedroom with the door closed and you’re standing outside.I guess they needed to do this. Innoway I don’t mind because let them haggle it out it’s needed sometimes for any organization . My other guess is they’ve had enough of the bad kids in the congregation trying to influence what they need to get done.

On my mind, is the item that they have to almost pretty much excommunicate Catholic Joe Biden after Trump . This whole object isn’t stream is white and say that since Trump did nothing about abortion, and because abortion is still legal it doesn’t matter about Trump. Does the Catholic former first lady MELANIA still go to communion because her husband didn’t make abortion illegal? I also have to ask regarding this issue – what are you gonna do when it’s illegal what are you gonna put these convicts, people? The prison system is already overcrowded ! Extremist groups don’t think things through. Most of these abortion blah blah’s don’t want to help these young people have a decent living wage. Theres a lot of other social issues surrounding it and they were totally refuse to admit that .

It makes me very uncomfortable that anybody would want them to limit Mr. Biden at the communion altar due to the fact that Trump was married three times. He’s married to a Catholic woman. I know they didn’t get married in the church because he was previously married . Former first lady Melania was a nude model . And to all you extremists who think I don’t know my faith I have a catechist certificate with my local diocese and a minor in theology from Franciscan. I have a BA in English/Mass Com and a Master of Science in Education. What name is on your your degree? Where is your catechist certification?

Let me really be clear here: outside the doors when the bishops meet in person there are so many extremist EWTn type people aka banshees hanging out pining to have a peek inside the room “as quotation marks observers.” My guess is being good-natured guys as most of them are, they’re sick of it . So so just have a virtual meeting and get all of our holy junk done. My other guess is that save the money at the hotel of the sweets and coffee & meals that are overcharged by Marriott hotel executives type people. Save the aggravation of having to get on a plane to go somewhere and wait and hurry up and wait. My guess is that some of them are going to be buying six packs of beer after everything is over it just turning on the air conditioning cold and saying SALUTE!

Attention all extremist and EWTN gadflies, the jokes on you you’re not getting in ! I think they’re sick of you I’m guessing at that but I know I put some money on a round of beers for than one day to say that I’m right .

Attention Catholic extremists: rest of non Catholic humanity does not care about what they care about and it’s gotten to the point where they need to shut the hell up and go home or get locked up like the proud boys Who tried to take over the D.C January 6.

Good for you bishops! I trust God, all others pay cash and at least this time you don’t have to pay as much cash as usual and charge people who cannot afford it after a pandemic . I hear there’s a sale at the grocery store a cheaper pastry and coffee. Is that one of these hotel executives got their pastry? Oh, they re-charged the leaders of the Catholic Church and they’re going to make everybody in the pew pay for it! I don’t think so we just got through a pandemic there’s better things to do.

One more thing, how do I know all of this? I covered religion for a good solid three years in the 80s and 90s.I know sometimes they just need to do what they need to do and get it done .!

To those of you who are somewhat in the Holy Spirit, why don’t you just ask God what’s going on? Maybe you have an experience you’ll never forget .

Oh well, I’ve got my Florida cleaning suit on . I’m keeping it simple today guys I’ve got enough Mr. Clean floor cleaner to make sure the floors get clean without the extremism in my house.

I’m still getting cases and stuff done but I don’t work on an hourly basis like Mrs. Walmart does.

Ahhhh, summer. Onward without interruption.



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