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Warning, I’m still a journalist inside in every measure of the way! Scam alert bad text message to me here in Florida. Who are they? Travel Resorts Of America. #TrollTime #ScamAlert #BadReviewForScammingPeople do not call list violation#I’mOnTheDoNotCallList #ReportedThemToTheFTCAndFlaconsumerProtection

Call this number you brave people out there troll them like there’s no tomorrow.

I woke up this morning to see this text message on my phone after specifically putting my cell number on the do not call list at the state and federal level.

Normally I delete stuff like this but I couldn’t pass this up & there was no way they were going to get away with texting me illegally because I’m gonna do not text list.

If these people keep texting me according to a legal site, you can sue them and I can sue them .

I will confess to calling to discover what this was about. I called to troll them. And because they are scammers, I felt like why not, people on YouTube troll them and scam bait them just like every single scam betting person does on YouTube. They are no different than the Indian calls that to try to take peoples money and make them pay and pay and pay and pay like bullies do.

Game over for them.

They’re not rated very high by the general public that have been scammed by them . I looked up their company and they have a 1.5 rating on yelp.

Here’s another rating of what people are saying about Travel Resorts Of America, located in North Carolina New York and Pennsylvania. They are not in Florida.

Yelp says this.

It’s not good folks there are a lot of people out there trying to take your money thatthey make you pay in pay and pay for timeshares that you don’t need.

They do some seriously horrible bad business practices and hire naïve little women like one girl that answered the phone named Peyton. During several calls I asked them do they want their Walmart job back? Apparently “ThunderA”, a name I basically call fat cheek fat arm fat finger uneducated beeedy eyed women who take low end jobs because they’ll take any little old job, got mad at me and hung up. Yes I wrote that, get over it. These are the women that scam people out of thousands of dollars of their money. Places like this scam low and people to go to work for them.they they play on people with low self-esteem and tell them they’re going to make a whole lot of money . And they don’t deliver.

I’m sorry all you scrupulous people out there, but bad business practices are abusive and not Christian. That’s the stuff the Trump people do. They don’t honor their promises and bully people.

Going deeper, what they’re probably doing is inviting people up there to camp for “free” and not letting them leave and making them pay before they leave and being that it’s a little town they’re not enforcing it. then, they make them pay and pay and pay and put a lien on whatever RV they bring in . Im Fla Sharp and hold my orange juice, I guarantee with money that this is what’s happening without even investigating further .

I’m sorry scrupulous people who say I should just hang up on them no I don’t just hang up on people who are scammers. I called law-enforcement I called people who could take care of business…There’s no reason anybody out there should be like this . They should not be allowed to sell these type of camping timeshares in the middle of freaking nowhere. And what’s worse is that the scrupulous people believe just about anything and keep paying and paying and paying because they’re good-natured and I think everybody else is like them and they have to do everything in a scrupulous correctly manner.

I can’t stand scrupulous people . Let’s let’s not go there. I’m sorry to tell you all this but those people do not do well with me. It’s a sin that these people allow themselves to get taken advantage of by unscrupulous people who just want their money at all costs .

Anyhow, you get a text like this answer it & troll them chose them for everything you got. Call the number and yell into it take out all your anxieties on them. They are telemarketers they should have everything taken from them. Call your states consumer protection agency or go online and report them.

Before you do all that go on your cell phone and settings and turn off caller ID on your phone so they don’t know where the hell you are .

Game over, Travel Resorts Of America we need to shut you down…

Got that?


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