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These ultra traditionalist Catholics will never be able to micromanage me. These catholic narcissists are not going to go down the wrong avenue with the Vatican‘s blessing. Most of them supported Trump and the January 6 insurrection. Here my thoughts on the whole thing in short before I go visit my husband in the hospital with diabetes foot issues.

I’m not gonna say too much except that I’m sick of these people. If you wanna go to any Latin Mass parish they’re very dysfunctional people.

There are said: I am sick of those people..

They are the reason why no one wants to go to church in some neighbourhoods.I always ask these people have you ever been to a byzantine liturgy?

Most of them everything is like a deer them.they believe God just made the world and set it on point and he doesn’t intervene.

Many of my readers or a lot of millennials is out there don’t go to church anymore. I seriously would like to know why? I hope I’m not the reason. Everything to those other people is exterior spiritually there’s nothing inside them that they’re dry and there’s just nothing inside. Most have psychological problems they take a lot of medicine for things and they just have functioning problems. It’s really complicated with them and many of them have intellectual cognitive problems too .

Let me just warn you right now if they get within 500 feet of me and start telling me anything or accusing me of anything in a false way, I will get a court order instruction against them.

Back when I was in grad school trad bullies used to stand in front of me after mass and tell me I wasn’t good enough. Meanwhile, I had been married almost 10 years in the church and they were telling me I wasn’t good enough to go to communion. Majority didn’t even know me where I was coming from.

Meanwhile back at the Vatican, I’m going to wait I like the Vatican takes care of this one.

I’m almost 58 years old and I will let them know with a smile on my face they need to send this over to Italy & just let them the Vatican take care of business.

To the rest of these crazy people, I’m just gonna sit here and wait and wait some more for the Vatican to throw it back at them. But do not come near me or you are find your day in zoom court. Why why? I’ve already checked all my spiritual boxes and don’t need to be trying to impress anybody else and have someone micromanage me to my detriment .

Meanwhile back at the collection plate , I put $10 in the plate this week for the pubs Peters Pence .

Stay tuned this is gonna be one hell of a funny soap opera.

For the record, nobody should be micromanaging anyone and you should have the freedom to decide where are you going to go well for one thing they’re not gonna push me into living in the past.

It’s time to live in the present and take care of the now.

Here is my other guess ! Most of the people here they don’t go to church or mass of whatever reason had it shut down their throat and they were given any time to acquiesce and make anything of their own beliefs valid for themselves because the other people just kept shoving it down there throat.

That’s no way to teach somebody anything.

People who read me, what I’m doing is that I make my own personal interior faith beliefs centre as long as it helps people. That’s why I’m staying in the church right now.because if I leave, the whole dam thing is rotten to the core.I’m not giving up just yet.

Got that ?


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.