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Warning if you’re coming to Florida and go on Facebook to look for a remote job: make sure you take precautions and do not list rental real estate listings.

I have so much to tell you readers.

Be careful out there. I have lived here over 50 years, coming from New York. Be careful out there and get the name of the company and test out the email address of the person you do anything for !

Don’t worry about me I’ll be okay but I just spent the last 2 to 3 days making a big mistake over the weekend. If you go on Facebook and are looking for a quick remote job ask yourself some questions.

Di not list real estate listings because there is a scam out there right now. There are scammers and people on Facebook working around asking others to list properties on craigslist. The rent listings are lower than the actual listing so people are texting these other people who are not soAnd the people they hire or allegedly hire to do this never get paid to do the work they get hard to do. They make excuses not to pay you. . And the people they hire or allegedly hire to do this never get paid to do the work they hire.

I’m not playing around here I am not perfect and I should’ve asked some questions before I went to think about or trying to do some work for someone.

Here’s how it is.I’m a paralegal for my husbands small solo legal practice here in Clearwater Florida. I have a Masters in education and do not exactly want to teach right now during the end of this pandemic. There is a Delta variant out there that are supposed to be protected by because I’ve had both Pfizer vaccines.

It’s reality check time.But I don’t want to be hassled or have to substitute teach and travel everywhere without a good operating car. I don’t wanna be paid at the white trash level. Honestly, transparently, I would rather work remote. Why not? There are plenty of positions out there. Everything pays more than substitute teaching.

I make mistakes, but I am no dumbass. This person who was trying to get me to work for nothing online via messenger on Facebook, I turned his ass in. The whole of it is this: I started getting very suspicious when they sent me very little information other than what I was supposed to do. And for the record, I deleted everything this person had me post.

Be careful out there. Call the Social Security office and put a security warning on your Social Security number.

As for me? I have a Masters degree to show that I taught for years but after this pandemic I am rethinking things a lot more than I did before this pandemic. In many ways in the evening or in my free time, I will be working with my husband still. But I also in many ways will be going back to my writing roots very soon and in a different capacity than what I was doing before.

But after the first of the year I just got sick and tired having to deal with children’s behaviour and politics of snotty millennials. People, that keeps you focused on the politics of snotty millennials . It’s not about being able to do the job or not being able to do the job, I’ve handled some pretty interesting clients who have some serious psychological deficiencies. I know you could imagine what goes on in a family law practice. But there is something sweet about working remote. Yeah I said it.

I’ll say it again: there is something sweet about working remote because you get to pay attention to the actual work. I love it because you can focusing on what you have to do and it takes half the time to do it because you can focus because you’re either by yourself or almost by yourself and working electronically with conference calls and zooms. On another note, I did this back in the 90s without the Internet or zoom and stay doing that until I just decided I didn’t wanna write for this paper on a remote basis anymore. I couldn’t I was doing it for so long I was doing it on my sleep on the weekends.

There I said it just be careful out there when you go looking for a quick remote job that you think you can . Do get the name of the company and find out where this person is. If they will not meet you in a remote basis, then report them.I am going to report this person and it’s going to be very interesting when I do . If you do make a mistake like I do, save a screenshot of everything you do on your phone done. Then go on social media and make sure people understand who the hell this person is trying to do this the local authorities email the local authorities and let them know what they’re trying to do . Do an IP search and where the computer is coming from.

Oh yeah, don’t be naive I thought I wasn’t naive but something really rank clear when I got a text message from a state government entity asking me to scan my face.

That’s when the crazy flags went up and said these people are not legit. When I asked this person to pay me like they say they were going to pay me, forget it. There are psychopaths out there people, be careful.

Don’t worry about me out there I still have a Masters degree and a 3.8 grade graduate school average. Being 57 , I just made-a positive mantra after this pandemic.

I have gotten through a lifetime of garbage and survived.

Remember folks, these millennials are not even 40 years old yet. Try my 20 some years on every one of them. I’m not stupid and I wasn’t born yesterday even though I do make some mistakes like this one this past weekend.

Moving on and going back to my writing roots. I want to do and centre in on what’s important to me. I’m sorry about the British English spelling here but it seems my iPhone that I post this blog on will not let me spell it the American way. It’s just something I have to put up with around here. And most of the rest of the world spells English stuff that way anyway unless you’re in the United States.

Yeah, I’m going back to my writing roots or at least going to try to go back to my writing roots because I need further graduate study to keep me happy.I am going to do it, but in the next 2 to 3 years I’m going to have my PhD somehow someway.

I’m real. I may be rambling on but the Walmart mentality the really low mentality that doesn’t like any advancement or any learning about new things. I don’t wanna say what I wanna do with those type of people . Why be a human being through all this, when I ask myself when I look at them! Those people live at Walmart in the brain. I do not.

Yeah, moving on.

One last thing, my husband the lawyer, has diabetes and he is dealing with all the stuff that you have to deal with when you have diabetes. Has a foot thing going on right now. He has a knee scooter because doctor does not want him to walk on his foot .

Regarding any future employment anywhere I will come with my own insurance so you wouldn’t have to pay for it.



I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.