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Why I choose to run my husband’s law practice during a CoVid pandemic . Enough said. Too much political upheaval…. There I said it…..

Let’s just put it this way, I’m going be to the point.

I really like working with my husbands clients right now. I’m walking a fine line inside of our home office without the political upheaval and low-pay of being a Substitute Teacher.

I know my stuff because I have a 3.8 average when I got my Masters degree in Education. What’s your GPA? Walmart?

I have been working since 1981.But, after working for 40 years, I have never seen it like this. The last time I saw this politically charged was 1996 -1997. But I will say this, it is worse now. The children in most cases act better than the parents . I have a low tolerance for BS. I like peace when I go to work. I don’t like to be micromanaged to the point of stupid.

I like knowing that when I get something done it’s done there’s no argument about it. The nice part about what I do now and filing cases for my husband is I could focus on the work without being yelled at by parents, administration, and the full procedure is that when I fell cases or I do legal stuff for my husband I focus on the work not the people.

And it is no secret : I like focusing on the work. I love when things go smoothly and knowing that I don’t have to fuss at anyone or seeing arrows of judgement out there with wacky stuff going on.

I normally don’t do this but I will say that there was an incident this past school year where I congratulated someone on a life event. There was no sarcasm. It was sincere. I clapped at it. Oh, due to the political climate of Covid, masks, and all that heightened awareness that makes people nutty, several individuals got all ticked off that I was happy for them.

Oh genius, we can’t have happiness can we? Someone was getting married and I had joy for them. They got pissed off that I had joy for them.

There, months later there I said it . That’s kind of a reason why I don’t wanna go in and join the nastiness right now.

Bottom line here is that there is such a lack of civility you can’t even have a conversation with anyone anymore.

I will say someone in my family or several people in my family who are trained teachers also don’t wanna go in anymore. One person I will not name totally got out of the business that totally got out.

Let’s just say this over the last few weeks of summer I was out there looking around to see what was available and I came to the conclusion that I like going online.I like Zoom conferences. I hate when things get out of hand. I have a low tolerance for stupidity to the point where I’d rather not be there.

Now regarding mask wearing that’s the light of it folks . The mask wearing for me is easy. It is not a big deal because you have a selection of what you can wear . We get our groceries delivered and it’s the best 9 to 10 bucks I ever paid in my life. Hats off to Instacart, Shipt and occasionally Walmart. They get fives for me every single day unless they do something really screwball. Our car died about a year and a half ago and we have been renting cars and taking Uber and Lyft to deal with it. Then, came the pandemic. So we chose not to go and get time payments for a car that was secondhand and too many miles on it.

Okay folks, I am too honest today and I really don’t give a flip that I said that. Murder is still illegal. Making threats to someone is still Illegal.

Oh yeah, also, several years ago or at least four years ago I got into a situation where I had to drive a very long way to get to a job . The job for the most part was okay but I was tired every day because of the long hour and 20 minute commute. I had to borrow a friend’s car and well that was the sinking boat right there. Nothing like being pushed into doing something for the sake of Christianity or Catholicism and the need to look right.

Two words: never again. I will never ever be influenced that I have to do something just to look good in front of the Catholic Church . Those people who judge me I’m not going to have to make commutes that are next to impossible. Those stupid jackass people are not going to have to put gas in the car. I treasure those teenagers, now young adults very much .I wish them well.

I will say this in a concise manner: nobody should have to work in a toxic environment . Feeling like it’s normal to have some toxic environment is not normal. People are just getting tired of dealing with bad humans.

I will be brave here: it’s past three years where anybody can sue anyone . There were two other people doing a long commute at that time One was a supervisor, A past high up at a local secular school district. He had been fired there for being toxic. The other had also come from the same entity the supervisor had come from. Both thought their air didn’t stink when they walked around. Both got in the mood to juxtaposition and be toxic to everybody around them.

Let’s just say after a while there was an arrow pointing clear. It wasn’t worth the hour and a half one way commute. There, I printed the truth. I didn’t name names no one can legally sue me. But when it was over, I wrote a letter and the result was the head of that place was gone. I checked.

I could write volumes about toxic garbage that goes on in the workplace .

Okay, at the risk of getting shot full of holes, I wrote a letter to the Bishop and the SOB was gone within several months. There, I wrote that the truth is the truth . Don’t play with me it will not be positive.

I chose today to tell it like it is finally. Expect it to happen here, I’m done. Readers enjoy the soap opera because I don’t get paid not to write it and I don’t get paid to write it so I’m going to tell the truth anyway.

Do they have this toxic garbage happening all happening overseas? Does this happen in good companies in Europe? You are excellent, you are people doing a very good job, but you treat them like garbage . That means that you are not excellent and you’re not doing a good job . Oh yeah, in Florida many times they pay them like garbage . There is so much pushback about how we view people here . I think the coronavirus is going to jiggle things so much that there is not going to be many companies standing when it’s over.

My point is this: there is such a lack of civility out there that it’s a wonder we don’t look like Afghanistan.. but in many ways we do in a micro way.

My real point? Refuse jobs where there is been a high turnover and the companies will not last . One example: the now defunct Tampa Tribune

Who is another example . About a month ago, I went out that my local city here in Clearwater looking to see what’s out there . Two companies were looking for people. One I found one of the night person working from 3 to midnight in an advertising entity . Another was looking for a copywriter. Okay, I drove to one place dropped off my credentials and a dark haired lady came out and her body language had such an attitude and a wrinkled snicker, and she walked off with a double attitude. I called three days later, “oh we found someone.” Three 2 weeks later they’re now looking for the same person. The company? Postcardmania! The other company? Market Topia. There must be some serious problems within these companies in the Tampa Bay Area. They can’t keep their newly hired people . They are not the only ones .

Take a hint don’t work for them because they’re not gonna last.

The Tampa Tribune is no more . Back in the 80s, I had a roommate who interviewed at the Brandon East satellite office. The editor took her to dinner for the interview. He kept asking a whole lot of illegal questions like “are you married, why do you want to work here”, and there were more illegal questions . She stayed on working where I was working. He was gone from the Trib in less than 90 days. The company was gone in about 12 years completely done. Their building is now a housing unit and a TV station. It was to say, when I found this out I went got a margarita to celebrate .

That’s not the only example. Someone I know used to work for Barnett Bank in Florida. There was a car dealership in East Tampa doing some pretty shady unethical means of selling cars . Both the bank and the Ford dealership are no more. I ended up buying one of the cars at the dealership because the bank approved a loan that should’ve never been approved . Yes you are reading this . The dealer the Ford dealer lost his dealership because of it. It was evil . The bank? The bank got bought out because they had financial problems.

An organisation cannot last when evil things occur .

People you need to start calling people out for doing what they do and say what they say if it’s toxic. I’m sitting here on my couch laughing as I talk into my iPhone for this blog entry. The bad behaviour has got to stop stop stop!

Call out the toxic behaviour with truth! Tell it straight up without fear that someone’s gonna burst a bubble that’s not there.

Don’t ask me to comment on that whole situation. Dysfunction is dysfunction. When people don’t stand up against the dysfunction you get what you pay for. The organisation cannot last on evil . Dysfunction is evil.

Besides, what can they do to me?

This is my blog and they’re not gonna rule me by fear anymore . I own the domain and I own what I can say here and not say here . I own the domain and I own what I can say here and not say here .

Damn, that feels good to actually talk about this.

A word of warning here: I may be coming back and freelancing to some point.

Below says it best in the words of Glenda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz .

Stay tuned, readers.

I promise you I’m going to have more to tell what happens, trust me. If you think Florida man and Florida woman are funny you should see their workplace. Retirees up in Ocala at the Villages will implode if they knew about it.

There are too many bullies out there that do not get corrected. It has got to stop.

I’ve been working 40 years we need to talk. Oh one more thing, we are going back into writing full throttle.

We are going back into writing after I tackle the pile that is still on my desk.

Truth is this: I found my clips last night and I found my 145 pages of my Masters Project. The air is not toxic green it is clear but my desk is also clear.

Yes, it is very clear people need to follow their hearts and keep their responsibility in mind. But you need to be true to others and yourself and not allow bad behaviour around you as much as you can not allow it .

There, I wrote it.I have been honest here.


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous smart Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married for 24 years. I have been writing professionally since 1978.