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True confessions: it’s raining on Friday and I’m trying to get back into Writing mode.

I told you. I own this WordPress domain. I can write pretty much what I want as long as it’s not totally malicious.

Okay, so I tell myself if I survive this pandemic by making sure the rent was paid and most of the bills are paid.

Before I got married to Scott, I would’ve given my eye teeth to have a weekend like this.

So instead of doing what I really don’t want to do I’m gonna do what I really seriously enjoy just one weekend and see how it goes.

Before I got married to my husband and while I was trying to fix and up my grade point average at University of South Florida, I used to take temporary gigs and sit there and dream about having a weekend like this . Are used to write poetry and post it notes when no one was looking .

So now I do and I’m not pushed to please anyone by working my butt off because I have all these years of experience.

I’m going to let it out but not very specific about what I’m doing . I’m not giving titles out but I am going to tell sort of what I’m doing.

Project number one: I have been working on since the year 1999.

Backstory is this . I had only been married about a year.

I’m gonna say that again I had only been married about a year and already I was very curious to find out what the hell or exactly was wrong with some marriages.

Been there had been only married a year, I was determined not to be like those people.

And I was working like right near downtown Tampa in West Tampa area and I started seeing some things that were very evident. And I used to walk right past some of the old restaurants that were there since the 1940s when I was working for the state of Florida inspection office.

More backstory. What pushes people to do what they do? What makes men do what they do? What makes the quintessential 1940s woman do what she does? Are Spanish woman really prissy? What were they like after trauma in the war?

I can my now see my very retired North Carolina literature professor roll her freaking eyes under her now grey hair. I can hear her husband echoing that laugh.

I can hear a few others saying, “ what the hell is she asking?”

And I can hear a few Walmart brains going ‘why is she asking this?’

Silence. There is a silent water spot on top of a table I left outside on my patio.

It’s even more silent than the answer that I could give or imagine to give.

Let me just say it this way, I don’t have the answer for how I’m going to do this. But, I’m going to try. Resolution : before I leave this apartment I will have a copyright to one of these wonderful works that I have started.

If anybody in the United States government wants to know , and those who really don’t care in the first place, don’t try to look for it on any of my computers.I have everything all printed out.

Not that any of you care but that’s what.

Another words boys and girls don’t waste your time trying to destroy anything with my approval or disapproval. I wrote a Master’s project in a month what makes you think that I can’t do this?

How did I write that master thesis?

Well if my memory serves me correctly, it was summer of 2008, I grabbed my computer. I bought a printer and headed for the library. Requirement: there were 30 sources to be found. It needed to be juried by someone well known . Done by June 28, 2008.

I had to be in class every morning at a quarter to 8 am. And before that I had a large large hill to walk up every single morning because I had hurt my ankle and foot after falling on a water puddle inside the house next to my father-in-law’s late dog Jenny the Beagle. I had a rental car most days when I was needing to get up there but I was in a lot of pain and I still did it.

Wimpy people would’ve never finished it and they would’ve said oh it’s Gods will that I take my rest.

Screw them, I finished. They are still pushing a cart at Walmart. They are the ones that make excuses, I don’t.

Let’s not go there on that sentence. And let us not go there on that sentence.

But I’m going to figure out what’s more doable. That’s the one I started at the turn of the century or finish my actual story of me going to work with my father and it’s in a little girls voice. I’m more passionate about that one right now.

I still care about the fictional marriage story. But that goes deeper than what I’m trying to do right now. I need about another years experience in my own marriage to see a model my nose over that one.

That’s the Rollie story. And God knows I thought for 20 years every single stinking angle about what goes right and what goes wrong .

Hey folks, I’ve even worked in a family lawyer office with dissolutions of marriage and custody cases to figure that one out. My Husband is the family lawyer and trust me if and when I finally do you finish that one it will be a composite of every single stinking thing that could go wrong.

Before these ultra religious Catholic nut jobs get on my case about to divorce , most of them are what we call civil marriages. Most or at least 95% of those type of cases that we do are never married in the church. The marriages we deal with I know I’m not sacramental marriages.

The other story is more in my mind now so that’s why I’m going to be doing that one first. That stuff I’ve not even talked about with myself out loud & it’s funny what’s going to come out in that one because I take a breath and I could see it but you can’t so that’s why I have to write this one first.

I also have to go step-by-step to outline it first because otherwise I’ll go off on a tangent and you could totally flush down the toilet any idea of finishing that one too.

Word of warning: if I’m absent from the blog for a while that’s what I’m doing.

Absolute goal is to have this done before the next eight weeks. A high school class reunion is in the middle of October. I plan on attending it. Maybe , just maybe, have sent this thing north for copyright by then.

After all, I finished a very difficult academic work.

Why not?

Let me be the judge.

And without telling you what it’s specifically about, I can say this, I just Gotta write it straight as a little girl would experience it.

Whew, it is the most I have said about anything in about 2 to 3 years about that project.

No more panicking we’re just going to get this done. I’ll be delusional if I think I can’t get it done because I wrote 144 pages in a month. Yeah, 144 pages complete with citations. ,

This should be nothing because I will have to write citations with this one nor will I have to write an index or anything like that .

No more excuses and no more regrets.

Here we go…,



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