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I belong to a cleaning burst group on Facebook. I have a lot of of musings and thoughts about how to clean . Here goes people true confessions! I don’t sit around all day I actually work with my legal Atty husband so sometimes I don’t have time to clean. My house is a mess but no judgement please, it serves us.

Here we go again. Frankly my dear my house is a mess and I don’t care because you don’t come in here because of Covid 19.

No one is allowed in here unless it’s an absolute standard emergency.

Right now, it is Friday night and I’m in the middle of organising my desk still.

Because it’s technically a legal office, I can’t put any paperwork out there so the grand public can see it because most stuff is confidential.

So , no pictures tonight.

Yes it’s Friday night I’m going to have a hamburger . Some ultra weirdo over the top Catholics say I’m going to hell because I’m eating meat on Friday.

My kitchen does not have a dishwasher. My kitchen also does not have enough space for me to put everything inside my cabinets. I have steel shelving to be able to keep everything in order in my kitchen. I can just see Mrs God trying to take apart all that steel shelving with her snooty smirk on her face stating that it’s not Prim property to have steel shelving. If she wants me to disassemble it , it’s gonna cost her at least $1600 will take it out of her bank account. And everyone up great that it’s gonna cost her 2 million bucks.

I have a beagle dog who really sheds. I have a cover on my couch an IKEA have a cover on my couch. It’s an Ecktorp. This is the kind of couch that you can trade the covers out with. And they’re not cheap.

I’ve got a cover for our couch just doing last months or in July when we had a sewer and plumbing problem, & somehow liquid plumber got spilled on a brand-new couch cover. I was stressed and trying to call the landlord who absolutely refused to come at first and when the toilet was backing up into the bathtub with sludge. What did I do? I didn’t file for divorce like some of you numb nuts would do .

Meanwhile, our landlord still wants to charge us almost $300 for fixing the plumbing also accusing us of putting a wall stuck in the pipe. Screw it, come get it because my husband will file a nice little small claims court filing taking their sorry arses to court and Ten Star Property Mgmt will understand that we’re not gonna take any garbage from anybody who accuses us of putting socks in pipes when I do not wear socks. They will also have to pay for a lawyer to defend their sorry asses when I do not wear socks period I don’t own socks period. Remember? I live in Florida it’s hot my feet sweat. And if we take it that far I will get him to somehow file for attorneys fees which will be ours in the first place.

The couch? The covers?I flipped the covers and kept washing them. And yes, there is still a stain from what I spilled on our couch covers because I was so stressed from plumbing out those two days in July.

There is always dog hair on the floor and I never can keep up with it and I try to do the minimal so I don’t have black feet because I do not wear socks around the house .

We have a ton of books in our living room . I also have a ton of books in our bedroom.

Mrs God the prim and proper lady who goes to church all the time and stabs her nose at God and his people would not like the fact that I do not make my bed in the morning because we kick back and discuss together legal cases without wearing socks.

Remember now, she works at Walmart for minimum wage or sits on her ass all day and snaps people. It’s not nice to challenge people especially her. But it’s okay for her because she’s doing it at she’s Mrs God.

Remember, I own this domain & blog & I can tell it like it is.

No I don’t do what I think I should do because you’re not paying our bills, and I usually consider that I have a better idea of how to organise things that probably you do.

Besides during the Covid pandemic no one is physically allowed in this office because of Covid even though we’re vaccinated . I have not been sick once at all because I don’t have contact with a large amount of people every day.

I don’t even go to the grocery store in most cases because keep it as minimal as possible. We go to church once a week and we sit in the back and usually away from people and I don’t touch people and I barely touch anything else where I could get sick from this Delta variant.

No, I will never clean my house like these people in this group because I don’t know what they do for a living but it is what it is and I try to stay organised at my desk as a service team to try to help the people that we do in a legal way.

My writing? That is another story I’ve got three days this weekend and I might use it just to re-organise this mess that I said in all day.I also wanna take it sharpened pencil that is red I go over the print out portion of what I already have written.

That’s another story. That’s a priority for me that much just add that when they bury me one day in the mid-21st century or so, there is nothing on my gravestone that says that I had a neat house and I don’t think God really cares unless it means that you cannot get from point a to point B inside of it.

How do I comment when I’m in this group? I tried to be polite but inside I’m thinking what the bleep do these people do all day?

I keep it as polite as possible but there are moments of I’d like to actually blurt out some things but I’m trying to be nice & we try to support each other.

Go on Facebook and join us . Why? Because we’re all a mess .


I’m a 58-year-old lady married to gorgeous Atty in Clearwater Florida. We have been married happily for 23 years.we have a beagle named alfie who is almost 11 years old.