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2021/ 20 years later and My Memory of 911 in Tampa Bay Florida. Here’s the good the bad and The Florida steaming hot ugly. I’m gonna tell it like it is . I lived in Tampa at the time 20 blocks away from MacDill AFB Central AsIa Command = fear was never ever an option!!!!

Here’s the link people. But in Florida my perspective was extremely extremely different from everyone else’s Viewpoint of this

It’s been a long two decades people.

At least I can say a few things here. OK from a Florida perspective and my perspective when this all went down up in the Northeast, I knew I was safe.

My perspective? Location location location! I was not in New York City or Washington DC. I had a brain not to hang around planes or travel in September 2011.

OK, if you were me back in 2001, you would be at work at the health inspection office under the public radar . I

I just turned on my computer. Then the other lady that I worked with comes running into my library office which was in the middle of the building not near a window. We had just moved into this four-story-building that was near interstate 275. Let’s see, MacDill AFB Asia central command was about 25 blocks south of us. No chaos in our city.

That was the Good. I was safe and I am here now.

The bad was what happened, enough said.

Oh there are a few things you should know, they told everybody to go home. So, we went home. Put everybody on administrative leave and said if you don’t feel good about what’s going on go home. Being that I worked for the state of Florida at the time, I went home.

And being that I was like 1000 miles away from the real chaos, I threw my hands up and said what can I do about this? Look on the map millennials I don’t think you can do that. Do you know where the map is?

Yes, 1000 miles!!! !How many days does it take to get from Florida to New York in a car? It’s 24 to 36 hours with stops for bathroom. It’s A whole two day buffer zone!

I looked up in the skies I saw lots and dropping and went home. Was a day off for me. I was sick of typing I was sick of typing reports I was sick of just sitting at a desk…So, I went home.

My mental state was good luck trying to do anything to us in Tampa because they’ll nuke your sorry ass so fast your head will spin. MacDill AFB is 25 blocks away.

The ugly part about it was that I was no way scared.

Blessed husband was across the bay teaching as a coach in a school. Wasn’t scared either.

And that’s all I can say about that.

The ugly?

Fast forward to about 18 to 17 years later. I get on to do family research after taking a DNA test .

Backstory: i’m adopted I knew very little about my original family.

So I kind a of remember that my dad told me that my birth uncle on bio-mom side was a fireman. But I later found out he died in 1997 and Fla Bar places. So the ugly unlucky of the draw is that a lot of the guys up in new Rochelle, New York up near the Bronx may have been down there with a lot of the stuff that went on .

I looked on the map I am not a millennial that needs a GPS or a iPhone to get directions.

Now remember, my perspective. New York where I was standing is far far far far far far away.

When I came out of the building at lunchtime, there were no planes in the air and I was near the airport.

It’s about 1030 am after everything collapsed and my husband calls me from work in Saint Petersburg. “I’ll come get you what time?”, he said.

So I went home and blank the fact to my brain did all of this was far far far far away .

My take on this? I could tell you but you wouldn’t believe me.

I know for true can bend time and space. And they’ve known about this but they did nothing.

Remember, when I was blinking, I knew it was far far away. I lived in Tampa Florida at the time.

I shook my head thinking about the AFB ——MacDill.



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