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Church Militant versus Mike parrot. Church Militant is suing this guy. Brief was filed yesterday in a Michigan court . I can’t wait and I pray that some Michigan judge shuts them both down. Hell, what the hell ? Why can it be in Florida? Can’t have everything……

I sincerely hope that some Michigan judge shut both of them down extremely fast.why? Church Militant it’s not exactly upstanding.. neither is Mike Parrot.

Church Militant is a nasty critic of just about anything standard in the Catholic Church right now. He hates everyone except for people who don’t support him or support him.

Based in Southfield , Michigan, A suburb of Detroit – broken down Detroit Dash- is is bitter as they come.

Every inch of my body right now wants to go Nana Nana boo-boo you gonna get your ass kicked both of you.

I would love to know how much money they paid for an attorney? OK, I know it has nothing to do with Fla but down here we watch we watch the popcorn show of a Lotta other crazy crap . And this is not about liberal or Democrat or anything like that. It’s it’s just like two things going on at the same time you get the popcorn out and watch it happen and hold your breath that a judge lights the fire and you didn’t supply the wood. And and you didn’t do anything like that you just know that they’re on a main road and a Mac truck is coming and you got to watch the whole thing. You know that Mac trucks going to hit those two broken down cars and Jesus may not show up he might just let this happen.

There, I said it with the correct punctuation because this is a conversation that needs to be had.

Here’s the link keep that in mind when you read this. The US CCB , the US Catholic bishops of the USA just had their plenary meeting for the last three days and these guys are going at it?

Well, how much did they pay for an attorney for this?

So here’s the link:

Apparently there was this traditionalist priest to get caught with his pants down and a lot of other compromising things going on… So this Parrot guy raised money for the priest who got caught with his pants down.

I mean why should this be important? It’s like a stupid lion going against a stupid tiger. Everybody that has common sense and a brain in their head knows that they’re going to eat each other and it’s not gonna be pretty.

So Mr. Frick -Church Militant went up against Mr. Frack, Mr. Parrot in a current lawsuit filed yesterday.

Here’s the brief filed on scribed . , You don’t have to have scribed in order to see it.

Is this a celebrity death match? I don’t know I can’t make this stuff up.

I need to get a YouTube channel and call it “Catholic drama alert“. Except both gonna their asses whooped. Trust trust me I’ll be sitting here just before Easter and they’re gonna get their ass whipped and it’s gonna be fun to watch. Call the fiddle-faddle company because regular popcorn couldn’t be good enough to watch this.

I’m getting my rosary out I’m praying that they both cancel each other out because the legal fees alone….. I couldn’t make me laugh so hard I can’t even stand it.

Some lawyers in Michigan are laughing all the way to the bank or they’re gonna get their asses censored. I mean Christmas may be prayed for but what happens afterwards it’s going to be extremely interesting and I don’t mean that in a nice way.

Somebody’s getting their Christmas paid and it’s not those two people it’s going to be some poor people in Michigan if this lawyer donates what these people are paying that firm to get their message in this.

My eyes are bulging I can’t make this stuff up.

Just keep it out of the FLA , please. One week before Thanksgiving pass the orange cranberry sauce.

Everybody needs to go on Church Militant and troll that guy till kingdom come I’m not scared of him. I take full credit for shutting down that old online magazine “Faith and family live” and trolling them till kingdom come. BAYARD shut them down. I trolled them after I knew this was going to happen.

Backstory: Faith and family live was an online magazine by some seriously conservative homeschooling mommy bloggers. It was owned by Bayard . More backstory: somewhere around 2008 2009 or 2010 I called the publisher and asked him several questions as to why this is allowed to exist about three weeks later they don’t exist anymore. Because all the women writing for them were homeschooling mommies with their own curriculum. They didn’t follow any standard Catholic school curriculum.

Standby and watch the drama. I’m gonna start saying my rosary so they could all be shut down it’s getting ridiculous.

The clock is ticking on Church Militant they don’t have a bottomless pit to pay for legal fees to sue just about anyone.

It’s gonna be hilarious when it goes down. I feel like the crowd around people with two roosters that are thin and gaunt. Do you know the one with everybody passing around money that’s old and beat up and then the other corner some bishops have their arms folded laughing because we all know this can’t go on forever .

I am the one on the beach . I’m at the corner of my eye I am watching what’s going on here far far away. I was singing this song meaning they’re going to get their asses kicked .

I can’t make this stuff up. Stay tuned . That popcorn I’m going to have is going to taste good!!!!



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